Friday, July 23, 2010


BH cast on Friday 23rd July 2010 at the American ComiCon San Diego with screaming fans...Sinead sounds a bit tentative...

USA twitter talk from ComicCon 2010

23-7-2010 MarvelSmartAss: Anyone know if Jim McCann has met Russell Tovey yet? Is he still standing? Or, did he faint? :)

23-7-2010 imjustanerd: One day I'll get over this obsession with Russell Tovey, one day.#whoamikidding#noiwont #soobsessed #soveryobsessed

23-7-2010 Nigellaseed: I love him in a maternal way.

23-7-2010 SA_4_Geeks: My favourite RUSSELL TOVEY!!!!! Um ... I mean... BEING HUMAN!!

23-7-2010 Louispeitzman: Russell Tovey walked right by me and I didn't even try to touch him. One day I'll stop regretting this.

23-7-2010 Lykofan: Russell Tovey, how do you manage to be you? Its amazingly adorable.

Video from the London ComicCon July 2010 with the BH cast...Russell Tovey could be invited to Oz by a promoter in October 2010...just my bloody luck I am booked to be in England!!!

Russell with Bill the show producer who's on a mission to bring Russell Tovey to Oz and NZ

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