Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Russell Tovey gets a little cagey in season two of Being Human

...I am wondering if my blog will still hold its G rating...

To stop from hurting his friends or the contents of their shared house, werewolf George buys a cage from a local supplier. He prepares himself with a dose of sleeping pills so that he can sleep through the full moon rather than raging and howling. The pictures above and below are from the night when George safely falls asleep. George then goes off for a "normal" day he thinks...but little does he realise "the cheated wolf" is about to come out when he least expects it.

The next set of 4 pictures comes from the scene where George starts transforming and barely makes it back to his house. Annie gets him into the cage just in time. George then wakes up the next morning trapped in his cage because the keys have fallen from the lock and he has to ask Annie for help.

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