Sunday, July 11, 2010


Rules of the game: This is a role play dice game. For most parts of the game it's like playing Dungeons and Dragons except it involves werewolves, ghosts and vampires.

If by any chance though you land on the square marked "The Door Has Arrived" then you must stand and walk towards any door in your house. If you knock and there is no reply you are safe and continue playing! But, if you are met by 2 men carrying sticks and ropes, resist and run! They have to try to drag you down a long corridor to the netherworld. If by any chance you survive the shellacking they give you, then you must take a number and sit in a queue for the next level (it's a British game and they know about queuing). When "they" call your number you move forward in the queue. We don't know where you go next, as no-one has come back to tell us!

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