Friday, July 16, 2010


Spurious Awards Of The Week
SFX MAGAZINE 16-7-2010


This award goes to Russell Tovey, aka George from Being Human. On Tuesday our Ian went on set for the third series of our favourite paranormal house-share drama, and was hugely amused to discover the legend “Sinead loves big willies” marker-penned on the wall of the Green Room. Two further insults aimed at his co-star had been scrubbed out, but Russell later revealed that they read, “Sinead likes dick” and “Sinead likes it doggy style” (well, she does play a werewolf…). Don’t worry: it looks like Sinead got her own back. On another wall was a marker-pen portrait of Russell, accompanied by an arrow pointing to his ears, and the words “FA Cup”….

The new series three home of Being Human – is a former bus depot in Barry. Ian our reporter spoke to all the regulars and guest star Robson Green (a very effusive fan of the series), and learnt all sorts of juicy details… which we’re not allowed to tell you about – yet. What we can tell you is that the sets of the foursome’s new house are huge and very impressive – you’re gonna love it! Especially George and Nina’s room.

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