Friday, July 30, 2010


Nina was upset when he turned her into a werewolf. Women eh?

Diane Butler

From: The Courier Mail Australia July 29, 2010

LAST Friday night that movie Sex Lies and Videotape was on one of the Foxtel movie channels, can't remember which one now, and I was watching it when I got home and thinking how many newspaper headlines it's been responsible for.

An annoying number, is how many. Hard to believe the same guy who directed it went on to make all those Ocean's films.

I won't be watching a movie tonight though. No. I'll be watching the second-last episode of Being Human. Or I would be if I hadn't already seen it. This one tonight is the championship quarter. Everything's been leading to this point and it meets -- exceeds -- all expectations.

A quick recap, but look, you should never think you can't just pick up a series in the middle of it, or indeed at the start of the second-last episode. You totally can. Television is made to be accessible. They want people to watch it.

So, Being Human: Mitchell the vampire, George the werewolf, Annie the ghost. Live in a share house, all pretty normal, you know, given, until a crazy Catholic priest called Kemp decides to kill them and anyone like them. He looks exactly like Christopher Lee, I'm sure it's not a coincidence. Maybe not as handsome.

Anyway, he ropes in a suggestible doctor, a geneticist called Lucy, who ends up in a relationship with Mitchell, only it slips her mind to mention to him that she and the mad priest are going to try to persuade George to go along to their scary laboratory the next time there's a full moon and see if they can't "cure" him of being a werewolf. So last week's ended with a huge and suspicious fire and one of the most important side characters, a very old charismatic vampire called Ivan, winding up dead. No, I didn't think they could just die like that either.

Now you're up to where we are, which is Ivan's vampire wife Daisy, who looks very young and hip for somebody who'd been married 69 years, hunting down anyone she thinks was connected to the fire, and some who weren't connected in any way at all, and draining the blood out of them. George's ex-girlfriend Nina is back in his life this week, not sure why, because she was the one who told him to move on, and he well and truly has.

And while one can never really know what went on between two people, Nina was fairly upset when he turned her into a werewolf. Women eh?

Of the cast, Russell Tovey as George is the standout. He's just been in Little Dorrit -- he was John Chivery, the lovely gate keep at the debtors' prison where nutty old Mr Dorrit lived. Vastly different here obviously, and it's been great seeing him take his range out for a run.

And I tell you what, there's an excellent case made against daylight saving here tonight. It's an angle I've never considered either.

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