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With a quick trip across the pond, the cast of “Being Human” debuts their second season at Comic-Con

July 26, 2010

With a massive roar, the fans greeted the cast from the British series “Being Human” today at Comic-Con. Having traversed over 4,000 miles to see their fans, it was a mutual love-fest. Unlike last year when the cast was merely previewing a show that had yet to air in the U.S., this year the cast of “Being Human” were greeted like supernatural rock-gods — and clearly, Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner are to the fans of the show. Just as warmly received was co-star Sinead Keenan who returns to the show for its second season as George’s girlfriend Nina.

Understanding that their fanatic fan base has already done whatever it takes to see this next season long before it debuts here in the U.S., the cast was pretty revealing about some of the major changes and twists for the upcoming second season. For one, the show goes darker. It is no longer about three lonely, outcast supernatural beings clinging to each other to try to live in peaceful harmony under the radar. This season, they embrace their darker natures and it takes each down a dark path. These solitary journeys are destructive and damaging for all. But it also helps serve to remind them that they are nothing without one another. There simply is no substitute for friends who know what you are going through and who will do anything to save you from yourself. They will also have your back when the world begins to suspect that you are not exactly as innocuous as you may seem.

So for George, Mitchell and Annie, their deepest fears and desires may temporarily be their own undoing. Nina also unfortunately gets caught up in this maelstrom and then must fight her own demons — both internally and externally.

But as dark as the show may go, the cast is clearly delighted to be the cult hit that they have become and they relish everyone moment of it — even if it means that Russell has to take off his clothes frequently for his transformations, that Mitchell must consume inordinate amounts of mint-flavored blood, and Annie must forever wear the same blasted gray clothes for the rest of eternity. These are things the actors are happy to bear for this extraordinary opportunity to play such complex, multi-layered and multi-faceted characters. Each character is deeply flawed and drawn to things that will ultimately hurt them, but all that conflict just provides challenges and obstacles for them to overcome.

That kind of stimulation and growth is exactly what every actor dreams of. So Aidan, Lenora and Russell are happy to embrace every dark bit of it.

The first season addressed the handicaps of the curses placed upon each character, and in the second season, each will be forced to acknowledge the monster within opposed to simply trying to deny it exists in each of them. Annie may not want to be a ghost, Mitchell may not want to be a vampire and Russell may not want to be a werewolf, but that is the lot that fate has bequeathed them. It is time to make the best of it and recognize their strengths and weakness and be prepared to deal with the consequences of their actions while under the influence of their inner supernatural beasts. The theme of “life sucks, deal with it and move on” will be very much present this upcoming season.

With a few final words of cheery advice, the cast promised to return next year at Comic-Con to find out in person how much the fans loved the second season.

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