Friday, August 6, 2010


Windows into the BH soul...

George (Russell Tovey) in one of the teariest moments from Being Human when the love of his life (Nina) moves out of home then phones back and tells George to move on with his life. She makes him promise that he will find someone else. George is understandably bereft.

George promises Nina that he will move on. He creates a tick list of things to change, disguard or improve. From having this list George hopes to create some semblance of order to get himself over the loss of Nina.

He finds a new job at an adult education language school.

At the language school George meets Samantha and before he knows it...he is planning a new life with a woman who has a daughter from a previous instant family! For George it's starting to seem like some sort of normality!

Things just don't go according to plan or "the list" and George's life goes back to chaos very quickly. In the first week of his new job he takes his language students on a colourful path into the current texting idioms.

His new girlfriend is not anywhere near being "the love of his life" but George is making steady progress, or so he thinks. Sam recognises that George seems too perfect and she's just waiting for the shoe to drop.

George attends Parent Teacher Night with Sam and her daughter only to discover due to daylight savings time he is about to transform into a werewolf inside a crowded school. The full moon is ahead of schedule. The ultimate fear George has is killing someone and this moment brings him utter sweat inducing panic as he tries to flee.

After partially transforming in front of Sam's daughter, George realises he can't keep hoping that he will ever be able to lead a normal life.

George barely makes it home to his werewolf safe-cage to transform.

George has to make some tough decisions and put aside personal happiness for the sake of the rest of humanity.

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