Friday, August 13, 2010


It's Friday 13th and we have some strange news... It seems the new Being Human house is haunted. And we're not joking.

On a recent set visit the BH Blog Team got a lot more than we bargained for when we uncovered a story that has been spooking the cast for weeks. It seems an unidentified figure has appeared three times, interrupting shots and even pushing a coffee cup across the room. Russell and several members of the crew are convinced that building is haunted, while Aidan is the most vocal of the non-believers.

I wish we could say that this was some kind of elaborate hoax but we weren't even smart enough to make this up. It seems that the truth really can be stranger than fiction.

So do you believe that the set might be haunted? Or do you think too much time around supernatural scripts might be messing with the team's minds?

We'll keep you updated on developments.

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