Thursday, August 19, 2010


Him & Her a new BBC3 comedy starring Russell Tovey & Sarah Solemani will be airing the 6th Sept in the UK.

The UK DVD will go on sale 25th October 2010. These dates are as given by Russell Tovey on Twitter.

Him&Her – The Toast Ep 1/6

Sarah Solemani and Russell Tovey star in Him & Her, a new comedy for BBC Three

Russell Tovey plays Steve, a laddish, unemployed man with no dreams or goals, who survives on benefits; he has no apparent interest in any issues wider than eating, sleeping, drinking and having sex.

Sarah Solemani plays Becky, his unemployed ladette girlfriend, who is able to see straight through Steve, though sometimes completely unable to understand the weird self-obsession of men.

In the first episode, Steve and Becky are doing their usual thing – staying in bed and just about to have sex.

Their plans are scuppered, however, when Laura turns up panicking because her fiancé, Paul, has stayed out all night. Steve just wants Laura to leave but has to cover for Paul ... and neighbour Dan wants to get melons and eat them with spoons.

The hub of Him & Her is the couple's unmade bed and their rather-too-lived-in bedsit.

Russell Tovey plays Steve, Sarah Solemani plays Becky, Kerry Howard plays Laura, Ricky Champ plays Paul and Joe Wilkinson plays Dan.

Here is a link to the "Paul is adopted" scene:

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