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Dana Stevens

September 2010

Recently, I spoke to Russell 'Being Human' Tovey and Sarah Solemani, who play Becky and Steve, in the new comedy Him & Her on Monday nights at 10.30pm on BBC Three. I thought it would be good to introduce you to some of the other characters in the show. There's Becky's sister Laura and her cheating fiancé Paul and needy neighbour Dan (who's my personal favourite). But what do Russell and Sarah think? Tell us about the other characters in the show....who's your favourite?

Russell: Mine's Becky, I love Becky.
Sarah: Ah! That's nice! Mine's my sister...ha ha.
Russell: Laura..Yeah Laura she's good.
Sarah: Laura and Paul...they sort of come as a package don't they? They're yin and yang and they have a very dysfunctional relationship which is hilarious. But they sort of need each other, I always love it when they turn up.

Russell: I think every character is so well-written and well observed by Stefan (Golaszewski the writer) and you just fall in love with each of them. Like Camille Coduri comes in and plays Shelly, who's one of the friends, in just two episodes but she makes such a massive impact. She's so brilliant and you absolutely love Shelly.
Sarah: Yeah and she has an on-off weird relationship with Dan which is slightly disgusting.

You've got some great on-line video diaries and lots of people mention how much you farted on set Russell...

Sarah: Yeah!
Russell: It got to the point where I would fart and everyone would sigh but no one would care. And I'd go paaarrrp and the crew, cast and everyone would just shrug! Ha ha ha!

Your characters spend the whole series in the flat. What's the longest you've ever stayed indoors without getting out of your pyjamas, getting dressed and leaving the house?

Sarah: When I was at university I spent a lot of time indoors, days...probably even almost a week I'd say.
Russell: Really?
Sarah: Yeah probably...
Russell: I think I spent a whole day and night playing Grand Theft Auto once. Then I left the house and the world was a very different place. I got in a car and thinking I was still in the game, I was like 'Oh it's ok to run someone over and if you see a prostitute it's fine to pick them up'!! I can't do that ever again!

And finally, as your characters love watching Inspector Morse, I thought we'd do a quick Morse-based quiz to find out which one of you 'knows most about Morse'. So first question, which city is Morse set in?

Russell: Weymouth? Ummm...

Do you want multiple choice? Is it Cambridge, Oxford or Manchester?

Russell: Oh Cambridge.
Sarah: Oxford

The correct answer is Oxford well done Sarah.

Which of these film directors has directed three episodes of Inspector Morse?
A) Stephen Frears (The Queen, Dirty Pretty Things)
B) Michael Winterbottom (24 Hour Party People, A Mighty Heart)
C) Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire)

Russell: Michael Winterbottom.
Sarah: Danny Boyle.

It's Danny Boyle, well done Sarah...Russell you're getting thrashed.

How did you know that? Did you read it on the box set?
Sarah: dunno.

And finally, what kind of car does Morse drive: A Jaguar, BMW or Mercedes?

Russell: Jaguar.

Correct. So Sarah won that and she's won the enviable title of knowing the 'Most about Morse' well done!

Sarah: What do I win? Is there a prize?

Umm no, you just win the title and the glory!

Russell Tovey and Sarah 'Knows Most About Morse' Solemani star in Him&Her Monday nights at 10.30pm on BBC Three.

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