Tuesday, September 14, 2010


*It's Champagne Comedy*


Time to break out the champagne! Tuesday 14th Sep Russell Tovey got the good news via Twitter that Ep.2 had higher ratings than the record breaking Ep.1 of Him&Her.

Some Tweets *hic*

russelltovey: Figures were amazing last night! Just under 700K beating our record from last week! Hurrah!x

kinkyclawz: @russelltovey @Solemani @BigTalk @kentonallen CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m thrilled for all of you! :D Let’s keep on raising the figures!! Heehee.

kinkyclawz: @russelltovey Aww, hope that news has made up for the wet'n'windy weather down in Cardiff Town sweetie! :D

Tom_In_Oz_: Hi ladies blog figs are up & there are 2 reasons: Russell is naked again and there is a pic of me!........Nah, it's just Russell *sigh*

kinkyclawz: @Tom_In_Oz_ HEEE, more WOOHOO news! Well done you! How’s things? I'm gonna be sending along some scans from TV guide too in a bit, hun. :D

_llamaface: RT @Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey show was better than wk1 ep and not just because of your bum

Dee_wo: The show is brilliant fella, didn’t think you could out do being human but you have!! well done you! Xx

jonsaba: @russelltovey that’s cos it was f**king hilarious! I nearly peed myself laughing. I woke up my whole house cos I laughed so loud

KhMcCracken: @russelltovey congratulations! You and my cousin Sarah are fantastic x x x

FoxyLorri64: Having your figure on view last night raised those viewing figures! Congrats it’s a great comedy!!@russelltovey

mr_gilmour: @russelltovey the nose picking was disgusting... but I'll forgive you, the end of the ep made up for it.

Deejrdee: @Tom_In_Oz_ just saw @russelltovey nude I’m having a nosebleed =) xoxo

BeingHuman3 : RT @Tom_In_Oz_:: Blog has all latest Twitters sent to Russell Tovey & he's naked what else could you want? http://russell-tovey.blogspot.com/

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