Thursday, September 2, 2010


By Ruth & Ed

Late last year, when we were busy filming a show for Living TV, it seemed that EVERY event we went to we bumped into Russell Tovey.

Things started out very nicely. Russell was in the middle of filming Him&Her for BBC3 and was accompanied by his co-star, Sarah Solemani.

What started out as a pleasent chat …

…went downhill as Ed slurred questions…

…and made claims that were both highly improbable and wholly inappropriate.

A dramatic stare-down closed the interview which Ruth insisted, like any good gal pal would, that The Tovey’s hostile reaction to an inebriated Ed was down to the fact that he found Ed completely gorgeous, and was intimidated by his wit, charm, and slurred speech. The glare into Ed’s eyes was, she insisted, an intense showing of attraction, and not in fact a signal of disgusted aggression.

Ed was, at the time, more than happy to accept this explanation.

Anyway you lot, The Tovey has a new sitcom Him&Her starting on BBC3 this Monday at 10:30pm. We’ve seen the first episode, and it’s really quite clever. It’s set entirely in the couple’s bedroom.

With a new show to promote, The Tovey will, no doubt be back on the scene. We will, no doubt bump into him again. He will, no doubt, someday get the courage to tell Ed how much he loves him, they will marry, adopt beautiful Afro/Eastend children and OK! will cover, and pay for everything.

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