Thursday, September 2, 2010


Russell Tovey "Budgie" Quiz

Above: Russell Tovey on the set of Gavin & Stacey which was set in Barry Island Wales. His good friend James Corden stitched Russell up to play the role of "Budgie."


Is Russell called "Budgie" because...

A - He has ears that flap like a small bird’s?

B - He parrots on incessantly?

C – He puts on his “Budgie Smugglers” at every opportunity?

D – James Corden had a friend called Budgie?


Being an Ozzie I would hope it's "C" because I have lots of Oz mates who are called "Budgie" for this reason. I also have one friend who is called "Emu". He's called that for a much bigger reason!

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