Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A long time ago (2008) in a galaxy far away and two stars to the right (Bristol), there was a TV company (BBC3), who aired a pilot program called Being Human...

The BH pilot went to air in a TV season where 5 other concepts were also trialled as pilot programs. Then, the many people who watched all the various shows on trial were allowed to send comments to the BBC and vote on which one would be given the green light as a series. The following letter is a copy of just one of the many received by The BBC.

A Vampire, A Werewolf And A Ghost - And You Are?

Five reasons why Being Human had better be made into a series...

1: More chances to see Russell Tovey in the nude

2: These characters are actually interesting. I want more on George, Mitchell and Annie.

3: I want more on that vampire cult as well

4: The writer is actually mature and the humour flows naturally

5: It's adult without trying to be.

BBC3 would be mad not to commission a season of this.

24Feb 08

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