Thursday, September 9, 2010


The Wonder of Russell Tovey

I think I may becoming a little obsessed with Russell Tovey… honesty, like obsessed. I think about a life where we wake up late on a Sunday morning and make eggs benedict together - even though I don’t like eggs. We would sit together on the sofa reading the Observer and listening to Elaine Paige’s Sunday morning show-tunes radio show. A walk through the park, a friends party where I show off my 'famous boyfriend'.

I bought the Independent on Sunday, just cause he was on the cover.

I think I need help… any suggestions?

Whilst I am here, check out the brilliant “Him & Her” which premiered on BBC3 last night… awesome. One of the reasons I think I heart Tovey so much, is his brilliance on screen - watching the chemistry he has on screen with Sarah Solemani is such a joy. And check out the early scenes of Bring Human series 2 and you will be witnessing a force at work. He is an under-rated star in his field, the golden boy of his generation. However, not many people know of his genius. It’s an odd problem… I want to tell everyone about him but yet I don’t like it when he gets more publicity cause he’s my fav actor, I want to be his number one fan.

Oh god, I think I need to get out of this fourteen-year-old-girl stage before it gets out of hand!!

Let’s finish with a picture...


Neil Fox

The Wonder of Russell Tovey

by Tom from down under

Dear Neil,

I don't "love" Russell as lost heartbeats, no palpitations, no swooning etc. I don't have the same feeling for Russell that many of my gay followers/readers on this blog have indicated.

There have been a few men who have e-mailed me thinking I can have some influence and send personal details to Russell to get them on dates or meetings etc...some are just funny...some are desperate pleas!

Personally, I certainly don't have a level of sexual connection or a lusting for Russell...although I do think of him as being you would probably think the same of your average rugby playing mates in the local pub team.

I just want Russell to succeed because he is a talented actor who deserves to make the big time on the world stage! He is not a household name in places outside the UK.

Keeping with the ruby analogy, I'm sure there are many straight men who barrack for Russell, just like they do for their mates in football or rugby teams. You cheer them on until they win and get the recognition they deserve.

Russell is a stage actor who is slowly learning to minimise and polish his performances for TV. Being on the tube is difficult for stage actors who have been taught to emphasise and project on a bigger scale. He is learning to be comfortable and take risks in the roles that he chooses. He is not one of those actors who wants instant fame for all the wrong reasons - that burn and crash because they don't have any substance to what they are doing.

Russell is so secure in himself that he can invite his parents to nights like the recent Q&A night for Him&Her knowing full well that he has a solid safety net in his loving family and his "out of the spotlight" partner.

I am passionate about trying to get Russell known to the world, having seen him perform live in 2006 here in Sydney Oz. I think of him as my adopted son or like the footy team I follow each weekend. I'll keep cheering him on until he wins.

Tom in Oz

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