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The Fancy Dress Party Ep.3

Sarah Solemani plays Becky

Monday 20 September 2010

10.30-11.00pm BBC 3

Paul's son, Little Luke, is out of hospital so he's having a fancy dress party to celebrate, as Stefan Golaszewski's comedy revealing the hilarious and often shocking truth of what really goes on behind the bedroom doors of today's 20-somethings continues.

Paul is played by Ricky Champ, Steve by Russell Tovey and Becky by Sarah Solemani.

A Tweet review of this Ep.

tomwilson23: @russelltovey I saw ep 3 of Him & Her earlier, loved it. Best ep yet lol it was very funny.

russelltovey: @tomwilson23 how do you get to see them early? X

tomwilson23: @russelltovey I write for a TV blog. The BBC send me stuff to review.

russelltovey: @tomwilson23 hot!! Good news you are liking them then! Nice one and thanks x x

tomwilson23: @russelltovey 3 guesses what my next fancy dress costume will be...... Where can I get a cat from? Lol

Loster21: OMG - @russelltovey tweeted my bff @tomwilson23 twice today! I feel proximally cool :D

Season one Him&Her episodes:

Episode 1: The Toast - Steve and Becky are doing their usual thing– staying in bed and just about to have sex. Their plans are scuppered, however, when Laura turns up panicking because her fiancĂ© Paul has stayed out all night. Steve just wants Laura to leave but has to cover for Paul ... and neighbour Dan wants to get melons. And eat them with spoons.

Episode 2: The Birthday - It’s Steve’s birthday and everyone wants to go out and get plastered - except Steve. He’s ill in bed. Or at least he tells his mum and everyone else he is. When Becky, Laura, Shelly and Paul can’t persuade him to go out and celebrate, Steve stays in and - with a little help from Dan - makes very good use of his presents.

Episode 3: The Fancy Dress Party - Paul’s son, Little Luke, is out of hospital so he’s having a fancy dress party to celebrate. Steve and Becky have to go. They don’t want to. Becky dithers over a spot on her chin. Steve can’t get through to his bank. But when a furious Paul comes over to see why they’re so late, and what’s happened to the sausage rolls, it seems they have no option but to go.

Episode 4: The Football - Everyone’s trying to watch the match between two local teams. Except Steve, who’s bothered by a dream he had about Becky and her ex. And Laura, who’s bored. And Paul, who is miserable after his mum’s shocking news. The afternoon couldn’t really be going worse until Steve comes out with what appears to be a ‘racist’ comment.

Episode 5: The Parents - It’s a Sunday and Becky and Steve are bored. Their fridge is broken and Becky’s parents are coming round to fix it. Steve’s never met them before. He’s terrified. When they arrive, he’s over-friendly and frankly a bit odd. Matters are only made worse by Dan, who’s audibly enjoying himself upstairs with his new girlfriend, Paris. At least he says she’s his girlfriend.

Episode 6: The Argument - Steve and Becky are drunk and arguing. They storm back into the flat, soon followed by their even drunker friends and Jamie, Becky’s oldest friend. While everyone drinks Steve’s drinks and eats all his food, Steve tries in vain to deal with Becky and her close friendship with Jamie. Eventually he can’t take it any more and locks Becky in the bathroom. He has something he really needs to get off his chest.

Tell us about the other characters in the show?

Who's your favourite?

Russell: Mine's Becky, I love Becky.

Sarah: Ah! That's nice! Mine's my sister...ha ha

Russell: Laura..yeah Laura she's good.

Sarah: Laura and Paul...they sort of come as a package don't they? They're yin and yang and they have a very dysfunctional relationship which is hilarious. But they sort of need each other, I always love it when they turn up.

Russell: I think every character is so well-written and well observed by Stefan (Golaszewski the writer) and you just fall in love with each of them. Like Camille Coduri comes in and plays Shelly, who's one of the friends, in just two episodes but she makes such a massive impact. She's so brilliant and you absolutely love Shelly.

Sarah: Yeah and she has an on-off weird relationship with Dan which is slightly disgusting.

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