Saturday, September 18, 2010


Milestone: This is post No.700!!!

One Monday 20th September 2010 I depart for 80 days in the UK. I will be catching up with some of my cyber friends who have helped keep this blog supplied with photos, gossip and news. Damn, I just thought of something, I can't call myself "Tom_ In_ Oz_" while in the UK, so I will have to be "AWOLTom."

For those who have just stumbled across this site or are relative newcomers, the posts have been going for over half a year now. There are more than 700 interesting things for you to discover on this site. So I hope you find something about Russell Tovey you never knew before!

Don't forget to follow the links on the right of the web page, as some of these lovely people have helped me along the way.

The next story is about an Oz guy who's moving from London back to Oz!

Above: On right under the arm of Russell Tovey is "ozdale" aka Dale Roberts who comes from Australia and is about to return home to Oz. Dale has worked for Stonewall UK.

Tweet File:

ozdale: @ByronStafford Completely agree about @russelltovey Bullied him at Stonewall Awards last year for a picture ;)

BryronStafford: @ozdale OMG..... Two gorgeous blokes together & he has his arm around you OMG. you lucky bugger :) Actually I'm not sure who is more spunky you or Russ, but enough of my whoremongering, please ignore :D

ozdale: Third last Saturday in London and I'm in my fave hoody, my Aussie boxers and my dorchester hotel slippers. #rock-on!

ozdale: @ByronStafford Going to take your advice on Melbourne as I'm moving there

ByronStafford: @ozdale Melbourne is the cultural capital of our fair country, so I would suggest that it is the perfect choice.

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