Thursday, September 23, 2010


Podcast: Solemani & Tovey

Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani talk to Scott Matthewman about playing a couple in BBC3 sitcom Him & Her, written by Stefan Golaszewki:

Russell: I think people are finding more comedy in the truthfulness of relationships , rather than gay, set-up, gag, set-up… with Him & Her, it’s about being with these characters, getting to know them, understanding their eccentricities, what winds them up and sets them going. And that’s what’s more interesting.

Click here to go to mp3 podcast by Scott Matthewman.

Tom In Oz in Glasgow

The rain has not stopped in Glasgow so I couldn't take a sunny tourist snap. Here I am soaked to the bone in the main shopping area. Parts of the coast near Largs and Dumbarton are flooded. We did a door knock along Beachwood Ave Netherlea Glasgow until we found a living cousin of my wife. The families lost contact with each other in the period around WW2. Mrs. Oz is ecstatic she found them. Before we leave Scotland in Oct the newly found cousin is planning a family reunion for us to attend.

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