Thursday, September 23, 2010


He who dares...gets answers!

Monday 20-9-2010

russelltovey: Hey wittys! Had a really good day today.. Day off and just basically minced around.. Was great! Hope u's all had a good day x

PhillGray: @russelltovey I love the fact you "minced around." Had a good day?

scottygb: @PhillGray Did you read interview Russell Tovey did with the Indy on Sunday a few weeks ago? Kept schtum on private life. Good!

Tuesday 21-9-2010

PhillGray: @russelltovey A random question, but are @MatthewCain4 and you a couple? Not that it matters of course.

MatthewCainC4: @PhillGray No, we're mates! Just a bit gushy, that's all. Because I love him so much!

PhillGray: @MatthewCain4 that's cool. Very sweet. Thanks for the reply!

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