Thursday, September 23, 2010


The Wedding of Alison Newman

- as Tweeted on Twitter 23-9-2010 -

chrisunzipped: Just caught up on back episodes of Him and Her with @russelltovey. Bloody marvellous! Check it out on BBC iPlayer.

mrSamuelBarnett: Him and Her was hilarious again @russelltovey. Love it. Just caught up with Monday’s Ep. I love you in it. You're all brilliant xx

alisonnewman: I am sooooooooo excited that @MrStevieWebb is singing at our wedding! So lucky to have such talented friends...

russelltovey: @mrSamuelBarnett thanks Samson superslug!!! X x prob see you at the wedding next eh? You travelling up of the morning? X

mrSamuelBarnett: @russelltovey Yes I think so. Wanna go up together? Don't know where I'm staying. Have you booked? X x

AsILayDyingFan: Russell Tovey is such a talented actor. But in America he would have never gotten a second look. #nerdyBritishactorsrule

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