Thursday, September 23, 2010


Colin Teague makes an exhibition of himself!

Colin's photographic exhibition called "Face Off" ran from 10th Sep to 10th Oct 2010 at the Fold Gallery in London. I offered to place some advertisements on my blog because some of the pictures in the show are of Russell Tovey. Colin is one of the producers of Being Human and works closely with Russell.

Colin's Twitter reply arrived 20th September 2010. It was a bit late in arriving. If you look further over on this blog you will see that I have previously placed at least 3 posts about the exhibition as I had not heard back from Colin. I made my original offer in July 2010.

20-9-2010 Teaguemister: @Tom_In_Oz_ thanks Tom but really very small exhibition, should we get offers to show the work in Oz I'll be in touch x best ct

We'll Tweet again, don't know where, do know when...23-9-2010...!

Timpearce1971: @russelltovey well done for making this week’s popbitch even if it is in a minor role and not in the least scandalous.

threadhot1: @bbcbeinghuman I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks @russelltovey shud be put onna biscuit! Garsh he's deeelish...

CuriosityRocks: Dreamt about dating @russelltovey So sweet and had his bum out of course!! Haha :)

CuriosityRocks: @boydhilton That looks very interesting : D Say hi to Kenton for me. Next Him and Her review coming soon and it's with the fella again...

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