Thursday, September 23, 2010


Thursday, September 23 2010

By Morgan Jeffery, TV Reporter

Being Human producer Phil Trethowan has revealed that the sinister Herrick will not be the main villain of the upcoming third series.

The vampire (played by Jason Watkins) was killed by George (Russell Tovey) but was later resurrected in the final scene of the second series.

"Herrick comes into his own, as it were, in the latter half of the series," Trethowan told SFX. "But we've also got threats and stories that are set up in the first half of the series."

He explained that the multiple plot threads will come to a head in the final episode.

"It's not as if Herrick replaces [the other threats], it's sort of [like he] enhances them," he said. "They all become one big story that powers through to the end of the series."

Trethowan also promised that the show's four central characters will spend more time together in the third run.

"Those scenes where you've got all four of them together, or any combination of two or three of them, they work well," he claimed. "So yes, there is more of an eye on stories that unite as well as divide."

The new series 3 of Being Human is currently filming in Cardiff. Russell Tovey and cast have only 2 weeks left before the wrap party begins.

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