Monday, September 27, 2010


Episode 4 Him&Her

"The Tweets"

Here is a small sample of tweets from the fans and Russell Tovey about episode 4 of Him&Her. There was a plethora of tweets saying how much they loved the series and loved Russell etc but to stop you (Dear Readers) from falling asleep I've posted but a few...

Brumplum: watching Him & Her - whenever str8 actors play gay they're asked about how hard it was. I wonder how often @russelltovey gets the opposite?

JaredofMo: LOL! @russelltovey cutting pizza with scissors!

TomasThorndike: @russelltovey Does Russell Tovey ever tweet back to his followers.... I am guessing not, as keep tweeting yet never had a reply yet.

russelltovey: @ThomasThorndike hello Thomas! X

ThomasThorndike: @russelltovey Thanx...U r now on my list of kewl

DavidBedwell: @russelltovey Will there be a series 2?

russelltovey: @DavidBedwell fingers crossed!! X

DavidBedwell: @russelltovey Everything crossed :) though less talk about poo in the second series would be awesome if you can tell the scriptwriters...

lucystarling: @russelltovey I love h&h but it makes me nervous wondering when you are gonna leave that FLAT!!!!!

robertmsmith: is loving @blakeharrison23 in 'Him & Her' tonight. As always, @russelltovey is brilliant too.

Luke_Cooper25: @russelltovey h&h is amazing! Bet you're so proud to be part of such an amazing series :) looking forward to the next one! Congrats! X

Lilphonicsfan: @russelltovey just watched him n her it’s so funny well done xx :)

robdiament: Watching @russelltovey in H&H before I go to bed x

russelltovey: Incredibly positive reviews of tonight h&h... Very happy you are all liking wittys... Proper sleepy now but high from all your compliments x

CuriosityRocks: @russelltovey @bigtalk @boydhilton Him and Her episode 4 review up & a message for Russell!!

NB. This YouTube video contains naughty bits...hurry up and press play:

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