Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Scott Arthur - rising star and mate of Russell Tovey to feature in Being Human season three.

Here are the Tweets to date:

18-9-2010 Scott_Arthur: Hello Everybody! @russelltovey has been great welcoming me to the cast! Hope you’re all well.

20-9-2010 AWOLTom (aka Tom_In_Oz_): Scott have blogged your picture on Russell Tovey – A Star In The Making. Hope this is OK?

20-9-2010 Scott_Arthur: @AWOLTom (aka Tom_In_Oz_) that's wicked! Thanks for showing me.

20-9-2010 Scott_Arthur: @russelltovey Waspish people everywhere today mate hah! Hope the march went well x

22-9-2010 Scott_Arthur: @Dorina335 filming In London. And unfortunately it's not for BH!

28-9-2010 Scott_Arthur: Him & Her on BBC 3 now. Haven't laughed this much at the TV in a while. @russelltovey

29-9-2010 Scott_Arthur: A lot of good TV on at the moment for the 1st time in a long. This is England & Him and Her are up there. R.I.P Big brother you piece of poo.

29-9-2010 russelltovey: @Scott_Arthur well said Mr Arthur x

29-9-2010 Scott_Arthur: @russelltovey what else can I say Mr Tovey? You Back in London this week?

29-9-2010 russelltovey: @Scott_Arthur end of yep x

29-9-2010 Scott_Arthur: @russelltovey Cool. Let us know if you’re out and about on the weekend.

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