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Special Q&A screening at BAFTA for Him&Her:

Above L to R: Russell Tovey, Sarah Solemani & Boyd Hilton.

Above L to R: Russell Tovey, Sarah Solemani, Boyd Hilton, Richard Laxton & Stefan Golaszewski

(Pics above courtesy of contributor Kinkyclawz)

The cast and crew presented a Q&A time for episodes 2 and 3 of Him&Her for BAFTA on Tuesday 7th Sep 2010 London. Here are some tweet moments form Russell and others:

russelltovey: WITTYS!!!!! It’s all gone down a storm... Thank you my lovely mates... Off to BAFTA tonight for eps 2/3 screening and Q&A.. Who's down?? x

russelltovey: At BAFTA about to watch episodes 2 and 3 of Him and Her and Q&A.. X x

RichCain: At the BAFTA screening for Him & Her. I'm sat next to Russell Tovey's Mum! She's lovely!

Paul_White: episodes 2&3 brilliant, q&a informative too. Amazing evening love from bloke in 5th row in checked shirt.

Paul_White: Dear ScottieUK, I just described my outfit, you went one tarty step further and described yourself as cute?! You didn't need to take your top off during the Q&A.

_MichaelNelson: Loves Russell Tovey’s new series. Ripe for innuendo. Eg; ' u r vgd @ givin bj's and I.... have been told I am too' !!!

davidmoss: Russell Tovey in his pants. Oh my!

s6gdp: Russell can we see your special dance sometime in the future???

gemmaparton_lrh: I think I love Russell Tovey he was amazing in Being Human & Gavin&Stacey and now he's in Him&Her and he’s still amazing xD YAY


The Him&Her BAFTA promo was great. Rest assured, eps 2 and 3 are well worth a watch (no spoilers but prepare to be grossed out! :P) and Russell Tovey, Sarah Solemani, Richard Laxton and Stefan Golaszewski were all wonderful and lovely! You could tell they were very comfortable with each other though perhaps not so much with an audience in the case of Stefan, the writer.

We were first treated to a screening of the second and third episodes (and @aileach34 so very rightly said, they DO grow on you) introduced by one of Big Talk's wonderful staff (I'm not sure of his name, can anyone remember? Sorry.) who was delighted to tell us that the opening episode had the highest viewing figures EVER for a debut comedy show! I feel the Twitter-love might have had something to do with it. :P jokingly, he said he hoped the next episodes did as well or they would crash out into obscurity. We all hope that won't happen!

Then, when the screenings were done, the lights came up.

First to come to the stage was the compere of the talk/Q&A, Boyd Hilton, who works for Heat magazine which had a Him & Her article this week. Then came Stefan Golaszewski, the writer and creator of the show was introduced and descended the stairs at the far side of the theatre, then director Richard Laxton, and then the stars of the show, Sarah Solemani and Rrussell Tovey ... at least that was the plan. the lovely Sarah came down the stairs but there was no sign of Russell. We were gleefully told he was backstage "having a poo". Very in keeping with the show's tone. LOL

Deciding that the show must go on, those on stage began discussing something which crops up in the second episode, i.e. bogeys and the small matter of them being fake ones as opposed to real.

During that discussion, Russell finally appeared and apologised, saying he'd gone for a wee then skipped down the stairs to the stage (right past @aileach34 and I :D ) The Q&A continued with questions arising surrounding just how necessary it was to actually see/hear someone go to the toilet and similarly normal but perhaps not quite palatable activities. Stefan explained, with helpful comments from the others, that he had written the series with normality in mind. the things the people in screen do are things real people like you and I do.

Russell added, and I'm paraphrasing I'm afraid, that it created a sense of intimacy and closeness in Steve and Becky's relationship which was hard to show without knowing they could do the things they did together. That they're comfortable enough together to, for instance, go to the toilet with the other watching, was "practically marriage". :D He mentioned that when you're comfortable, farting also becomes something that they just accept.

During the course of things it was revealed that not only were Russell's parents in the audience (I didn't manage to see them, did you @aileach34?), but Sarah's father and several of the actors and actresses who co-star in the show.

Also, rather amusingly, it became apparent that the habits of the characters became the norm for all; especially the farting on set which had been mentioned in other interviews, resulting in nobody bothering no matter how loud or smelly they were and such likes, even going so far as the director, Richard, finding himself in a meeting with executives and him asking them to hurry up because he needed a poo. LOL Concerning the locations, or lack of, Richard explained that when he read Stefan's script, he found that he could see how all the action could take place solely in the flat with no exterior scenery needed, a little like "The Royle Family" and such.

The questions from the audience were of a similar vein, mostly centring around the toilet humour and why the necessity for it, a point put very clearly across by one gentleman in particular who was a little less than impressed by the regular vulgarity. The first question came from a gentleman in the middle of the theatre who asked if they knew if there was to be a second series yet. No-one had any information at the time.

One lady asked had Russell and Sarah "done it," since they were so intimate on screen leading to the rather vehement reply, "We were only acting, it’s not real poo or spots."

I hearkened back to the choice of location by asking if they had been influence at all in the single-set form of filming by another BBC Three show "Ideal." Stefan and Richard had apparently not heard of the show, Russell seemed to know it & I wasn't sure of Sarah's stance though she looked confused. Only the compere knew something more about the show and agreed there were similarities, so obviously that was not an influence in the same way that "The Royle Family" was, with its warts and all approach.

With the end of the Q&A, the panel disbanded and so too did the crowd.

And I'll continue the report later, my Tweeties, 'cause I'm about to drop. ;) Goodnight and I hope that helped you catch up on what you missed.

Courtesy of Kinkyclawz

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