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Robson Green shows his wild side as he transforms from human to werewolf for Being Human

4th October 2010

Robson Green might not look like a heartthrob in his latest photo shoot but it’s all in the name of art – for his latest role in Being Human. The 45-year-old actor is set to play a werewolf in the BBC Three series, appearing in the third season where a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf share a house together. Green will join Aidan Turner, Lenora Crichlow, Sinead Keenan and Russell Tovey when the show returns next year.

And to promote his new role, Green posted a series of photographs of himself in costume on Twitter, where he transforms from human into werewolf. He started off looking like a dentist’s nightmare, with gappy teeth and fangs, but soon turned into a fully-fledged werewolf after adding a face mask and plenty of extra facial hair. Green wrote: ‘I’ve come over all unnecessary!’ next to the picture.

Also set to join the next season of the comedy-drama, is EastEnders star Lacey Turner, to play a new character named Lia. Following her BBC filming, she said: ‘It was fantastic working on Being Human, I had some great scenes with Aidan Turner, especially when his character Mitchell is facing up to some of the things he has done in the past.

‘The cast and crew were really welcoming and I can’t wait to watch how the story comes together on screen when the series airs.’ Her character Lia meets Mitchell on ‘the other side’ while he is rescuing Annie, played by Crichlow.

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It's the last week of filming Being Human season three and the crew and cast are already a little saddened by the coming break none of them want it to end. The big wrap party is this coming weekend. Some have hinted that season four seems highly probable but none have confirmed this. The new Fry's house in Barry Wales is under a 2 year lease so it seems more than probable that BBC3 will extend the series...especially if season three continues the momentum already started. Being Human is a flagship show for the channel and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the show is up for further BAFTA nominations in the year ahead. The American remake may also create more interest in the original UK version.

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Being Human tweets from Tuesday 5-10-2010

DanMartinIsNot: Tomorrow I'm going on set with @russelltovey and the Being Human gang. FUNTIMES.

tmxghost: Done some behind the scenes with @barrypilling for @bbcbeinghuman about the exciting final moments. Wooooo.

extreme_fishing: @tmxghost My dear boy, I miss you guys so much...love to the team xx

(NB. for those who are not aware "extreme_fishing" is Robson Green).

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