Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Tweets on 45

6-10-2010 DervlaMcG: When asked in media what celebrities use Twitter, the first one that popped into my head was @russelltovey. I think I've put them onto BH.

6-10-2010 niallemmett: OMG #him&her is ace. How have I not seen this when the fit @russelltovey is in it?!

5-10-2010 vaguelyfamiliar: @russelltovey you're lovely, really, you are. You're lovely, yes, you are. Aww, you really are lovely. Did I tell you you're lovely? Lovely!

5-10-2010 tatatatia: So many pretty boys in the movie 'The History Boys' including my love Russell Tovey!

6-10-2010 Danielle85‎: The History Boys is on! Love @russelltovey, Dominic Cooper and Jamie Parker. Looove this movie

5-10-2010 josephdowney: @russelltovey RT@Jaynesharp: Him and Her is bloody brilliant x

5-10-2010 sazzy69: @Jaynesharp Isn't it so? Reminds me - The Royal Family & Simon Amstell's Grandma's House. So much going on but not. Brill acting. @russelltovey

5-10-2010 Webb79: @russelltovey great episode of H&H last night mate, made me very nostalgic for my shatterproof ruler from school!

5-10-2010 SupaPoof: @russelltovey what an awesome guy! ;) x

5-10-2010 MichaelJonCaton‎: Him&Her time, I still can't decide if I think @RussellTovey is hot or not. I think maybe he's cute but not hot.

5-10-2010 craigybhoy_‎: @MichaelJonCaton @russelltovey oh he's hot ;-)

5-10-2010 chrisssjamesss‎: @MichaelJonCaton I’d say cute, I wouldn't go so far to say hot though.

5-10-2010 MichaelJonCaton‎: @chrisssjamesss @21Liam motion passed, we sentence @RussellTovey to hereby be known as 'cute'

5-10-2010 21Liam‎: @MichaelJonCaton defo cute. Not hot.

6-10-2010 Will_Hoe: Russell Tovey is one of the most unshaggable men I can think of.

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