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Yesterday, while visiting Scotland, I discovered our acclaimed Oz-made drama show "Underbelly" is about to screen on STV UK Thursday night at 9pm. So I sent out a Tweet to the folk behind the scenes at BBC3's Being Human...and when I got home today I discovered my original Tweet has been Re-Tweeted to numerous others by the STV people.

Highly recommended as I have an old musician friend called Frankie J. Holden in the cast.

The story is based on real events...seems more poignant when you know that!

Dear Reader,

Mrs Oz and I are both school teachers and today here in Scotland, in between all the family history work we have been doing, we took time off to visit Dunblane Cemetery. Dunblane is near Stirling which is one of Mrs Oz's ancestral towns. It was at Dunblane not so many years ago a sad incident occurred where a classroom of children and their teacher were shot. I have uploaded a short video of their memorials. We planted our Oz flags as a simple mark of respect.

Press play:

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