Thursday, October 7, 2010


6 degrees of separation…

Above: Werewolf Russell Tovey & werewolf Sam Huntington.

The new USA remake of “Being Human” is mid-way through its first season shooting run (in Canada) and here is a little info about Sam Huntington who plays Josh the werewolf. In the new USA version Russell Tovey’s “George Sands” character has been given a new name “Josh” and his background such as being Jewish has been re-written. Sam Huntington is a fairly low profile actor outside the USA. His biggest role to date was in “Caveman”.

But, here is a little Oz connection. Sam Huntington played Jimmy Olsen in the motion picture "Superman Returns" (2006). This movie was predominately shot in Australia. The town hall and surrounding buildings in Newcastle NSW featured in the movie. Newcastle is my home town.

6 degrees of separation…I was present at some of the shooting for "Superman Returns" when they did the Newcastle location shots...

NB. Oz gay actor and ex-footballer, Ian Roberts (mentioned on this blog previously), played one of the henchmen in "Superman Returns"…Ian is a nice chap as long as you aren’t intimidated by a 7 foot tall guy who could crush you with one palm. Ian also appears in Oz TV drama “Underbelly” which is showing in the UK at present on STV.

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