Thursday, October 14, 2010


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On Cardiff

ThalFootsoldier: It now looks like I might be able to get down to Cardiff later this month, just need to sort out dates and a hotel!

HAFFERTEE: @ThalFootsoldier Alo it was good for Russell Tovey spotting but seriously avoid like the plague.

ThalFootsoldier: @HAFFERTEE Thanks, I've added it to the avoid list.

On Her and Him

CharAldridge: I love Russell Tovey even more after watching the last ep of #Him&Her

comedyfish: Sarah Solemani & Russell Tovey have real chemistry on Him & Her – although Tovey strays in to Gervais territory sometimes I think.

robbieanthony87‎: i hope they do another him and her @russelltovey s dialogue at the end was so sad wat he said 2 Becky amazin fingers crossed for series 2 :)

thisismattuk‎: Of course my farts stink; they come out of my arse! @russelltovey #Him&Her

gemmacallow‎: @russelltovey I just cried at the end of "him and her" so touching!..... Roll on series 2!


Poolshark: I've really enjoyed this new series, but I can't see where it can go from here, they never leave the flat and it's always the same characters in it most of the time. I like the fact that it's very up to date on how people live today, and it's funny as well, and his misses is dead fit!

brisket: wasn't sure to start with, but it has grown on me. I'm liking it now. Good casting. Love Dan the neighbour and Her sister. Russell Tovey is a good and skilful actor in my opinion. Like his work.

Carnelian: I'm not so sure Poolshark, Many of the most popular sitcoms have been based around a few characters in a restricted location. I think it's got another series in it. I've watched and thought it was patchy in places but also very funny in places and I've looked forward to it being on. The last episode was not the strongest and not a very funny one to go out on but still quite well-acted for a sitcom and Steve and Becky are quite likeable characters. I think all the characters are strong. Hope it gets a second series.


Contrary to popular belief, I'm not that big a fan of gash. In fact, it's pretty damn terrifying. Anyway, I'm going to inflict my sentimental mullings on you reluctant folk. Buckle up. Also, I love Russell Tovey. Like, forever - mmm_gash.

On Me, Myself and I

BeingHuman3: #FF luv 2 @Tom_In_Oz_: and check out his fan site "Russell Tovey - A Star In The Making"

angloirishgal: # f f @SineadKeenan @russelltovey @mrSamuelBarnett @BDooley @Resonance @willyouhelp @Tom_In_Oz_ @SnowyBay

Tom_In_Oz_: Mrs Oz intends to leave me for John Barrowman and she's fully aware he's gay!

On The Tube

RobertWSaunders: My friend sat next to the lovely @russelltovey on the Tube the other day. Who's the lucky one?! That is all :) much love.

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