Monday, October 18, 2010


The DVD is EXTRA good

18-10-2010 Kinkyclawz: @JaredofMo Just watching the Him & Her DVD extras & there's absolutely LOADS, short BTS stuff @russelltovey wasn't joking about that hun!

18-10-2010 robdiament: Every1 buy @russelltovey's new DVD 'Him and Her' Series 1 out today:

18-10-2010: mybrightidea: Wow go @russelltovey !! :-) xxxx RT @bbc3tv Being Human or Him and Her? What's the best TV show of 2010?

18-10-2010 Szmanda44: @russelltovey finally got with the programme, literally, and started watching Him and Her. I was so very tickled by the badger calendar!

18-10-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey pre ordered DVD arrived last week. Ordered in April at BBC Shop Online. It’s in Oz and I’m in the UK! At least my son is enjoying it!

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18-10-2010 officialnickb: Why aren't there any 'Being Human' action figures yet? I'd give anything to get a @russelltovey perched upon my desk.

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