Monday, October 18, 2010


DVD Review Him&Her



Him & Her was released on Region 2 DVD here in the UK today! Woohoo!

Disc 1 has the episodes 1-6 including commentary from
Russell Tovey (Steve), Sarah Solemani (Becky), Stefan Golaszewski (writer), Richard Laxton (director) and Kenton Allen (producer).

Disc 2 has all the extras which I've not even scratched the surface of yet.

There's loads of extras, including but not limited to the set of documentaries which are on the official BBC site and iTunes. There are segments based around individual elements of the show too; there are so many but one centres on their love of their love of Skittles, another describes the origin and use of the term "Awooga" which torments poor Steve so much during episode 4! And many the interviews and introductions done with and by Russell are done in a lovely close-up format which I'm liking loads!!

Well done 2 Entertain on another great DVD offering!!

by K.C.

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