Monday, October 25, 2010


Russell Tovey is full of LIFE
or is that
LIFE is full of Russell Tovey?

The world according to Twitter

25-10-2010 kentonallen: Just had that nice @russelltovey drop by Big Talk Towers. As lovely as always and full of vim and vigour!

25-10-2010 russelltovey: @kentonallen he he :-) X

25-10-2010 mybrightidea: @russelltovey Russell!!!

25-102010 A_Phen: Can't wait to get home and watch In Passing on BBC Film Network, a must for @russelltovey fans I hear...

25-10-2010 danthesiser: I rather love that there's a Facebook fan page for @russelltovey's ears

25-10-2010 shazia_dar: @Elsie1994 ah I found @russelltovey (him) from #himandher on twitter. I love that show too much ♥ xxx

25-10-2010 imjustanerd: @kinkyclawz And I love my avatar too. If only I could cuddle with @russelltovey #agirlcandream

25-10-2010 wolfybiker: whilst reading twitter from @russelltovey thinking hope you play a biker at some point.. you in leather would look good me thinks!

25-10-2010 lu_and_ruby: @supersonicmike him and her was awesome!

25-10-2010 supersonicmike: @lu_and_ruby It was easily the best thing on telly while it was on. @russelltovey was brilliant in it. Hope its back again soon!

25-10-2010 lu_and_ruby: @supersonicmike it was genius tele! Me too! He was great in being human did u watch that?

Above: Tom in Oz reporting from the Bronte sister's house [Charlotte, Anne and Emily] at Howarth Yorkshire...and yes we had lunch at the Wuthering Heights pub.

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