Sunday, October 24, 2010


It's official:
Twitter produces results.

Below: See what happens when fans get busy.

stenotype: @russelltovey So...what are you up to this week? This twitter malarkey is useful in promoting and elevating awareness about things, eh? :)

Below: Russell Tovey snapped at ComicCon 2010 London.

TOVEY NEWS 24-10-2010

rachelk_2: @russelltovey why is it when I look at Dermot O’Leary I think of you?

russelltovey: @rachelk_2 that's good... I like that!!! X

NikT22: @lorilori Of course, I will have a flat with Russell Tovey and our two adoptive children from Angelina Jolie. LOL

wh2_pro7: Like as in admire? Sinead Keenan Eve Myles Natalie Portman David Tennant Aidan Turner Russell Tovey

The_Ausmerican: @mcfangirl I don't think Aidan Turner is on Twitter but Russel Tovey definitely is.

ianthomas74: @russelltovey do you get your kit off this series of Being Human?

Suze_Un: @russelltovey - Have just watched Roar. Would love to see you do that type of character for a film! X

tee_sw: @russelltovey just watched the final episode of him and her, totally choked, u both were cracking x

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