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24-10-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey your short film "In Passing" is trending on BBC iPlayer due to volume of traffic from your fans.

23-10-2010 Meimi132: @taja_es @SimplySophie23@loumarieh And I think @jodiede loves Russel Tovey, so I'm guessing BH too... XD

23-10-2010 SimplySophie23: @Meimi132 @taja_es @loumariehCool! And Russel Tovey is rather awesome it has to be said @jodiede

23-10-2010 tashzky: Can we discuss how unattractive Russell Tovey is? I mean, eurgh, how is he even an actor?

23-10-2010 meemalee: @TheBoyWhoBakes Good for you - that's seriously cool ps I love Russell Tovey x

23-10-2010 TheBoyWhoBakes: I’m in the "New Inspirations" feature in @AttitudeMag this month, in good company the awesome @russelltovey is too, think I was a misprint!

23-10-2010 Back2Stonewall_: Why does Russell Tovey ignore me?

24-10-2010 KingBeaArthur: Why was I not informed that there's a show where Russell Tovey is in his underwear 98% of the time?? [#Him&Her]

24-10-2010 xatomicox: @russelltovey you are one of the loveliest people I have ever seen on TV. Thanks for making me smile Russell. X

24-10-2010 LittleChib: @russelltovey I saw the Argument ep of H&H last night: You deserve a Bafta purely for that speech in the bathroom alone!

24-10-2010 LHRFlyGuy: Just got back from Singapore. AXN are promoting Being Human like mad.. But only clips of @russelltovey .Must be his animal charm. Well he is a sexy beast after-all!

24-10-2010 imjustanerd: @Tom_In_Oz_ Wait @russelltovey passed 20,000 followers?!? Does this mean we finally get that naked pic he promised?

24-10-2010 Seasidelovie: @russelltovey you most certainly are - actor and pant throb no less!

24-10-2010 GalileoGal67: @russelltovey Russell is a busy boy when he's not roaming forests under the moonlight ...

24-10-2010 GaryHamrick: Just noticed that it's a Full Moon. Hope @russelltovey and @SineadKeenan are both somewhere comfy and away from people and hairballs.

24-10-2010 abitheamazing: So @russelltovey is gay? Think i need my gaydar polishing. This is great news- now young people can feel even more inspired! Yey!

24-10-2010 euphoricdreamer: @russelltovey what do you think of the US recreating Being Human? I think they're going to butcher it. I'm already embarrassed for them.

Russell Tovey: In Passing

"the Twitter reviews"

24-10-2010 imjustanerd: Gonna watch "In Passing." Woo!

24-10-2010 kaices: nice film. In Passing by @russelltovey

24-10-2010 abitheamazing: @Tom_In_Oz_ @kinkyclawz just saw that film with @russelltovey. blubbing like a kid

24-10-2010 valeriemeachum: @Tom_In_Oz_ Thank you! And it does play outside the UK, hurrah!

24-10-2010 valeriemeachum: Inspired by # In Passing, finally scanning Grandpa's letters home from 1944 @RussellTovey

24-10-2010 robertshutter: RT @valeriemeachum Lovely #short In Passing w/ Lesley Sharp, @RussellTovey & Sean Pertwee.

24-10-2010 CalvinBygrave: Just watched In Passing, an excellent & moving short film starring @russelltovey

24-10-2010 arandabilly: Wonderful short film In Passing by Chris Croucher, starring one of my favourite actors @russelltovey # recommendation

24-10-2010 Jaybs: @russelltovey - Enjoyed your portrayal of Henry last night watching a copy "In Passing" hope it soon gets a BBC showing! - John x

24-10-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @Lionesskeeper @russelltovey stars in "In Passing" a poignant short film by Chris Croucher please re-tweet this

Above: Just some of the fans who have sent Russell Tovey's "In Passing" Re-Tweet out to other fans. A big thanks to all involved.

Above: One of Russell's concerned fans...LOL

Above: Tom in Oz reporting from No.2 Osborne Street Oldham UK. Home of my Great Grandfather William Evans in the 1881 UK Census.

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