Saturday, October 23, 2010


Major Milestone

Russell Tovey hit 20,000 Twitter followers at 9.47pm 23-10-2010.

Russell Tovey's unofficial fan blog "RUSSELL TOVEY - A STAR IN THE MAKING" run by Tom In Oz has reached 800 blog posts...

All the above happened on the same day Chris Croucher gave me permission to post Russell Tovey's superb short film "In Passing" (see previous post to view video).

Click below pic to enlarge.

Above: Tom in Oz reporting from Flamborough Yorkshire from the original No.1 Lifeboat Station North Landing. This is where my great uncle James White was stationed in the 1891 UK Census as a Coastguard. The wind was howling when this photo was taken and Mrs Oz was frozen but she and I persevered down onto the beach and went through the caves at low tide. If I don't look happy there is a reason - it was about 1 degree Celsius and my coat just wasn't thick enough to keep me warm and stop my teeth from chattering. Later in the day we went to Stamford Bridge, York, Harrogate and back to Tadcaster doing the family history trail.

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