Saturday, October 23, 2010


"In Passing" now at BBC

Russell Tovey, Lesley Sharp and Sean Pertwee star in this brilliant short film by Chris Croucher.

I recently asked Chris to send an embedded site link to the film "In Passing" so Russell's fans could see it and Chris has agreed. He also said it would be on BBC HD soon. Chris has kindly given me permission to make an animation from the stills on his FaceBook page.

To watch this stunning short film please click here

Note: The film should play outside the UK as it is lodged on a BBC site.


25-10-2010 mrjasonlor: @russelltovey just saw "In Passing". Was a sad story. It goes to show what big affect war has upon everyone. Once again good short. Cheers

25-10-2010 russelltovey: @mrjasonlor thank you mate!! X

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