Friday, October 22, 2010



Below: Russell Tovey at the Young Vic Theatre London 14-10-2010 with Jude Law and Sir Ian McKellan.

Russell and Co. were there to help run a charity auction to raise money to support the theatre's programs and functioning.


22-10-2010 russelltovey: Love me wittys big time! On train to Nottingham for the British art show! X

22-10-2010 robdiament: Just arrived in Nottingham for British Art Show to see Michael Fullerton! :)

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch...

22-10-2010 MatthewCainC4: Just watched Royal Ballet's new triple bill from the wings. Such a special experience and I loved seeing Ed Watson steal the show yet again. But come home to find the cat has vommed all over the lounge carpet. Better reach for those marigolds...

23-10-2010 russelltovey:@MattewCainC4 oh no? She's our little girl? Why has she vommed? X

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