Thursday, November 4, 2010



4-11-2010 amyrhoda: Delphine cried tonight because we finished My Family and Other Animals. Sadly the @torontolibrary doesn't have Birds, Beasts and Relatives

4-11-2010 Iko: @amyrhoda you know, there's a television movie with Russell Tovey and Mathew Goods based on it. Highly recommended!

Two timer

4-11-2010 Laura__nicole: George from Being Human is in The History Boy movie. Yay

4-11-2010 AsILayDyingFan: @Laura__nicole Russell Tovey is awesome!


4-11-2010 mrjasonlor‎: @russelltovey say if I wanted to send you something for your birthday. How shall I do it? Cheers.

4-11-2010 tomgreaney: @russelltovey happy birthday

Serious theatre

4-11-2010 ragingoodfella: @russelltovey u need to do some more theatre soon boy. it's when ur at ur best and most intense. just my opinion. X

Terrence Higgins Trust

4-11-2010 jaybs: Just wish I could have been present Tuesday at the THT Supper Club, made a donation today in memory of Kristian D - John x @russelltovey

4-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @jaybs well done John

Other stuff

4-11-2010 furryfoxman‎: @russelltovey just found series 1 of being human on iplayer, very excited as I missed it 1st time round and looking forward to catching up!

4-11-2010 elicashmoney‎: I want to be bffs with @russelltovey and ride busses and drink creepy aloe drinks and eat curry. just sayin'

4-11-2010 ohbex‎: Ugh Russell Tovey how are you the MOST ADORABLE PERSON EVER.

4-11-2010 richard_butler‎: @marchbircham Doesn't come close to Russell Tovey's POB - a likeliness, Birch.

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