Sunday, November 28, 2010


Brokeback in Belfast


russelltovey: Off to Belfast again, anyone know what the weather's like over there?? X

chappelfanclub: @russelltovey great! Tiny bit of snow, blue sky, sunny!

htllamas: @russelltovey 37degrees with a cloudy sunshine, a possible chance of ice rain? That's what my iPhone tells me. But you'll radiate awesomeness

JarlathGregory: @russelltovey Snowy!

mark_simpson: @russelltovey bring a warm hat. Furry if possible.

alanlaw: @russelltovey Northern Ireland has recorded its coldest November night on record, with -8.6C at Aldergrove.

jasonkiernan81: @russelltovey -10... Thermal boxers I think...

mrsd03: @russelltovey FECKIN FREEZIN Xx

shaneandkel: @russelltovey be sure

russelltovey: Oh... So it's gonna be freezing cold and snowy... Ok... That's me suede nikes ruined then x

rudehampster: @russelltovey yep...totally buggered.

russyork: @russelltovey spoken like a true homo, worried about shoes over anything else! ;)

russelltovey: Is there a timberland store in Belfast? X

efferal: @russelltovey yes but it only sells wood products

kimmbass_: @russelltovey there's quite a few, there's one in victoria square

TeamGreen_Fans: @russelltovey

russelltovey: My wittys are perfection... I've had address, phone numbers and opening times... So it seems the Timberland store in Victoria Square is open today...? Very good ta x

JaredofMo: @russelltovey We exist only to serve you. :)

russelltovey: Gonna try to pick up some of them Earth Keepers... They are proper brokeback... And I'm wearing a check shirt today x

tonyjbaxter: @russelltovey Brokeback Pride!

SparklyB: @russelltovey I love check shirts on guys, especially with a nice pair of bootcut jeans, or a slim leg with Converse. Should be a stylist ;)

Gatz77: @russelltovey Not sure they ever saw Brokeback in Belfast. We're not the most open minded!

Katypegg: @russelltovey Hello, I work at the Timberland Design Office so I can get you a pair of Earthkeepers. I got @simonpegg a couple of pairs!

_llamaface: @russelltovey 'Proper Brokeback'? So you're going for the gay cowboy look, then?

TheAdzFactor: @russelltovey I wanna kiss you

Peteleay: @russelltovey Was going to say "Ride 'em cowboy" ~ but thought better of it!

Elliegoulding: Heading to Ireland on the bus with my band. Here goes. Hope you are having a cosy weekend so far, lovers x

russelltovey: @Elliegoulding me too! Belfast is obviously the hub and hot spot of quality talent presently X

robertastewart: @russelltovey @Elliegoulding and quality people in general :)

Kelly_pendragon: @russelltovey Russell, I need a name for my female baby mouse. Do you have any ideas?

russelltovey: @Kelly_pendragon Gwen? Min? Lady? X

Kelly_pendragon: @russelltovey Thank you!! I'll call her Gwen ^_^ xx

FoundinBolivia: @russelltovey No one has ever looked good in a check shirt. Fact

russelltovey: @FoundinBolivia I dissagree.. My checks are superior x it's all about the plaid x

FoundinBolivia: @russelltovey you'll be wearing paisley next and claiming that that is a strong look.

russelltovey: @katypegg perfect!! Thank you! X

katypegg: @russelltovey No bother, go to and let me know which pair and size.

russelltovey: Got my Earth Keepers from Timberland Belfast city centre... The Xmas lights here are proper, feeling xmassy x

Plasticine: @russelltovey any chance of a pic of the boots, I'm trying to get inspiration for my partners Xmas presents?

Sazrad: @russelltovey show us the boots then!

Gazbelfast: @russelltovey or go to nandos in victoria square 3rd floor for food :)

Becs3jobs: is this a really stupid question? What are earth keepers?!

Farscaper_here: @russelltovey somebody get him a mountain/horse/cattle/long johns & someone to snuggle ;)

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey Have a lovely time tranny! Buy me something hideously tacky please!x

mrjasonlor: @russelltovey You kind of look like a cowboy with that outfit on. Now all you need is a cowboy hat. Cheers.

michBS3: @russelltovey awesome pic!

LoganLawson20: @russelltovey Sexy ha x

bstgirl: @russelltovey can you whip you hair back and forth?

Andrew_Mackie_: @russelltovey Hot! 'Scuse my ignorance but the Earth Keepers are the boots, right?

russelltovey: @Andrew_Mackie ya x

goldstargirlie: @russelltovey Hat and moustache and you're there, haha!! X

russelltovey: In desperate need of a haircut but don't think they want any off for filming... It's a mop x

antonycotton: @russelltovey Hello sir...x

russelltovey: @antonycotton hello mate x

Sheridansmith1: @russelltovey @robbietowns you two have to meet!!! Love cilla x

russelltovey: @Sheridansmith1 really?? Ok x

Andrew_Mackie_: @russelltovey Thanks, Russell. I'm after a decent pair of boots, you see :o)

russelltovey: @ Andrew_Mackie_ timberland EarthKeepers burn brown colour... V v v cool x

Samincornwall: @russelltovey soft spot just got bigger :-D (no pun intended)

russelltovey: @Samincornwall :-) X

antonycotton: @russelltovey Long time no hear/speak/see. I seen your Dior film, guy! It's lovely x

russelltovey: @antonycotton did you see it?? How??can you link it?? X

russelltovey: @antonycotton and thanks, I love it x

antonycotton: @russelltovey follow me.

russelltovey: @antonycotton done x

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey Oh. my. Gays!

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan hot right?? X

tmxghost: @russelltovey pure sexy right there! Haha

MANX38: @russelltovey not quite sure if this look makes you a cow poke or a bloke poke...but nice none the less.

dipsibar: @russelltovey re the pics you keep uploading:- you're a complete tart and we love you for it. Keep em coming :o)

Timberland_UK: We're happy you like them! RT @russelltovey @Andrew_Mackie_ timberland EarthKeepers burn brown colour... V v v cool x

X Factor

russelltovey: Did Mary Byrne just enter to The Terminator soundtrack? X

Georgie_0x: @russelltovey Oh, I think she did!

Andrew_Groves: @russelltovey Mary is like every cabaret act at the Black Cap in Camden on a rainy Sunday night


VickyTemps: @russelltovey Mary is fabulous and don't you forget it!

Donna_Tilling: @russelltovey more like the blobinator.

blueeyedgeek: @russelltovey I’ll be back....on I’m A Celebrity next year

evilcheltdevil: @russelltovey Hasta La Vista, Mary? #xfactor

Ralph's off-the-shoulder number

Above: Ralph Brown appears in the TV show Him & Her. Ralph and I have a special bond. I feel like Russell's dad at times and Ralph gets to play at being Russell's dad.

Not to be outdone!

Above: The Twitter Top.3 "trending" items

for Sunday 28-11-2010 include:

1) The Nations Speaks

2) Join Hands In Health

3) Russell Tovey - A Star In The Making.


Tom & Mr Thomas

Tom_In_Oz_: OK to put you pic on blog? Also fixed a spelling error in your long tweet. Hope all is OK? Cheers, Tom.

Ianthomas74: @Tom_In_Oz_ I'm curious, what did I misspell in my lengthy tweet? I'm dyslexic and don't see what it.

Tom_In_Oz_: Just some capital letters.

Ianthomas74: @Tom_In_Oz_ No problem.

Press play:

Tom in Oz reporting from Heathfield Sussex. Today Mrs Oz and I spent time looking for headstones in snow, sleet and ice. We started at Heathfield (play video - I'm still wearing shorts and sandals without socks - I'm a real tough guy), then we slowly made our way to Catsfield and other small Sussex towns. We finished at Hastings then went along coast to Dover, stopping at many coastal villages. By the afternoon we were in Chartham Kent (near the city of Canterbury) looking for my ancestral line of Turner. George Turner, that was sent to Oz as a convict, was formerly a shepherd in Chartham Kent.

Above: Shepherd Neame / Royal Oak Inn near Chartham Kent. This is the area where my ancestor George Turner was a shepherd some 180 years ago.

We have just finished staying at Burwash Sussex. This is where writer Rudyard Kipling lived. Above is our Rudyard Kipling bedroom at Church House Burwash. We stay here when we are in the UK because artist Graham Sendall whose wife runs Church House has a fascinating collection of artworks. Most times we visit we buy something else for our collection. He is a devotee of the "pointillist" method. He regularly has showings in London.

Tomorrow 29th Nov 2010, Mrs Oz and I will be running a PowerPoint presentation for some schools in coastal Sussex about my UK convict ancestors relating to their impact on modern day Oz. In the evening I'm presenting a lecture at Hastings about Lifeboat Rescue Services....couldn't have more diverse interests if I tried! If the blog goes quiet tomorrow, you'll know why!

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