Monday, November 29, 2010


Tweets from Russell Tovey's fans!

Above: Bondy26 and Russell


bondy26: @russelltovey are you going to be at London Film & Comic Con next year!! Please say yes!!!!

Boogaloobonkers: @russelltovey "Bang on Trend" ;0)

Dougiehouser: @russelltovey if you ever want to go on a date - you are AMAZING, and I have a massive crush on you x

davewilko1: @russelltovey I wish I could quit you! (Said Brokeback style).

mariabintexas: Just saw a promo for the American remake of the AWESOME British series "Being Human" The US version can’t be as good without @russelltovey

Andrew_Mackie_: @russelltovey I think we got used in a couple of footwear ads yesterday. Do you need to talk to your agent (and do I need to get one)?!

scotch1709: @russelltovey I'm sure I recognise that hotel room - not that exact one! But must have stayed in same hotel - but obviously less stylishly than you RT

DeadairDennis: Syfy remakes BBC's Being Human. Everything good we still from England: The Office, Top Gear... America cc: @russelltovey

Ragingoodfella: does anyone else pretend @russelltovey is saying his speech to Becky (at the end of him&her argument episode) to them. i do feels nice. X

IMBoddy: @russelltovey The American Being Human will never be as good without you in it!

rachelsherman15: @russelltovey Syfy here in the US is trying to claim their version Being Human as a "new and original" series. I say we start a protest.

linles: @russelltovey Hello, bit late I know but just wanted to say I LOVED Him and Her. One of the best comedy programmes for ages...that's all! x

Above: Russell with BBC Fangirl

Above: Russell with Fang.

Above: Russell with Holly.
Above: Russell Tovey as Alonso Frame in Dr Who "Voyage Of The Damned" Xmas special. Fans don't forget there are 2 versions of this DVD. The cheap version has just "Voyage Of The Damned" whereas the season four box set version has a cast commentary by Russell and others.

More fun with Boyd & Tom

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Oz

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