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Tweets from day 2 of Grabbers

DocFourFour: #Grabbers day 2 done. Absolutely shattered! Probably the most fun I've ever had on a film (and this is my 11th!). Cannot wait to see it!

GrabbersMovie: @DocFourFour Kevin: That's awesome! So glad to hear it!


Grabbers is set to be an Irish monster movie from British director Jon Wright and writer Kevin Lehane. The film stars Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley and Russell Tovey amongst an ensemble cast of Irish actors.

The film s set on an island off the coast of Ireland that's invaded by blood sucking monsters (called Grabbers) and the locals discover that getting drunk is the only way to survive. The film's script has been highly regarded within the film industry and was listed on the 2009 UK Black List before production began. The film is produced by Forward Films (Tormented) and Samson Films (Once) with support from High Treason Productions, the UK Film Council, the Irish Film Board and Sony Pictures who will also distribute the film in the UK and Ireland. The film's creature FX will be a mixture of CGI designed by Nvizible and practical FX created by Shaune Harrison.

The film begins shooting in Donegal and Northern Ireland in November 2010 and is expected to complete its post-production in late 2011.

Tweet statistics to date:

Barry Pilling BBC3 on-line moderator of the Being Human blog sent out an informative Tiwtter item that calculates your Tweeting statistics. I decided to use it to see how I stand when it comes to promoting Russell Tovey as opposed to Russell Tovey Twittering under his own name. The following graphs are up-to-date as of Dec 2010.

The first graph shows that Russell has re-tweeted Matthew Cain and Tom_In_Oz_ in equal numbers. The other statistic that follows from this is that Matt's items have a total of 13 re-tweets whereas my biggest re-tweeted item has passed 2,000 re-tweets and this was the film "In Passing" which starred Russell Tovey. It is still being re-tweeted.

Below: The next 2 graphs show the time of day and average numbers of Twitter fans viewing messages hourly. My Twitter figures are very healthy with over 3000 people viewing per day. My maximum occurs at 7pm with just a little over 400 people. Russell's highest numbers occur at 9pm with a peak of approx. 70 people. NB.The scale is not the same on both graphs.

(Click picture to enlarge).

Breaking news:

Russell's knob found

by Hugh Bonneville!

russelltovey: Lost the little winder knob thing off my watch... :-( x

scribe_diatribe: @russelltovey cue thousands of 'nob' based tweets! :)

SurrealistWhim: @russelltovey That’s the trouble with little knobs lol

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Hmmm, shall we go with "Russell loses knob in Belfast" - I think not!

ianjams: @russelltovey there is nothink worse than losing ure little nob well it is cold today

williamstafford: @russelltovey Must be the cold weather.

tommyboy780: @russelltovey my dirty mind is in overdrive this morning...don't talk about knobs until after 12 lol

Markylon: @russelltovey That's what happens when you shake your wrist too much

ScaryElfLady: @russelltovey nothing worse than when one's knob drops off ;-)

foxilorri64: @russelltovey A good reason to hint you need a new watch for Christmas!!

MistressJoJo: @russelltovey You mean the crown? :P

becadroit: @russelltovey when you read that back quickly it sounds more worrying than it is...

stamponbunnies: @russelltovey soo glad you said "watch"...

JuSt_BeTtY: @russelltovey oh dear knobless is so not a good look :D

robbin_da_hood: happened to me once @russelltovey but i didn't notice until it reached point where i was 15 mins behind the rest of the world -about 2 wks!x

sphere333: @russelltovey what you need Russell is a sundial or very tiny hourglass ;-) then you can move on from the constraint of a knob winder ;-)

rudehamster: @russelltovey Like most knobs, they are important. They’re very few things more distressing than not being able to fiddle with your knob. :-)

Kittywitchin: @russelltovey Be thankful it wasn't the winder thing on your knob! I'll get me coat...

smillsy: @russelltovey sorry to hear you are knobless. It is very cold though :)

Hughbon: @russelltovey Just found it. Here: catch...

Welcome to December

Terrv_gale: @russelltovey Pinch & a punch, 1st of the month :op x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey *       *       *       *       .     *      * .              *         *       *       *       *       SNOWING AGAIN

Snarglepip: @russelltovey it makes me happy that you are in Belfast :D I recommend Curry Club Malone Road, Filthy McNastys Dublin Road for a pint :) x

Boulevard of broken London dreams

williamstafford: @russelltovey You go to see a film and review the ticket price??

Princess_SEA: “@russelltovey: The cinema was £3!!!! £3??? incredible... Watched London Boulevard x" would u recommend the film? X

angiemcgregor: @russelltovey £3 cinema. Just one of many reasons why I love Belfast more than London.

Seanieb1983: @russelltovey Celeb discount?

bobmicallef: @russelltovey was thinking of going to see that, worth going to see at cinema or wait for the DVD?

JackAtticus: @russelltovey London Boulevard any good? Is Colin Farrell's form still in top form?

flappyduck: @russelltovey did you watch it because you miss London?

Calliedog7: @russelltovey Colin has eyebrows like a werewolf. Shudder.

Another one bites the dust

Mr_Simo: @SineadKeenan Thanks SO much! I’m so touched you used my name :) Forget @russelltovey....You’re my favourite on #beinghuman :D

Itaintrite: @russelltovey catching up on Merlin and think they should have you on the show. Maybe as a new twisted court jester.

eccentriclee: Screw Team Jacob, I want @russelltovey's werewolf instead.

MarqueeMarc: @LouiseRoe I've figured out who I'm supposed to date! Russell Tovey. Do you know him? Don't all you Brits know one another? M*

Tom in Canterbury (not Oz) reporting from my snug motel room on day 2 of the BIG FREEZE. Above is a picture of our rented car which we have not used now for 2 days. By 9am today the snow was falling lightly and a new layer was building up over the icy residue from yesterday. Most of the small roads hereabouts are closed and the staffs of the convenience shop and garage have been sent home. The staff of the Travelodge had to sleep here overnight as well as they couldn't drive home to their villages on the smaller icy roads. Fun and games for all!

Below: Back home in sunny Oz David Beckham has just finished running a coaching clinic with the children from my school.

Below: In Oz the temps are in the high 20s Summer is on the way. This is a picture of the beach where we live. That's my daughter and her fiancée walking on the sand.




Christian Dior unveiled the fourth instalment of its Lady Dior film quartet in London last week, with Marion Cotillard playing the title role of “Lady Grey,” alongside Ian McKellen and young British actor Russell Tovey. The short, set in London and directed by John Cameron Mitchell, features Cotillard playing a burlesque performer in a rococo nightclub who seduces McKellen’s and Tovey’s characters before disappearing from the scene.

“In this movie, there is something that is different than the others, there’s a very strong, young, childlike part of Lady Grey — the way she plays, the way she’s very genuine, the way she does things and she doesn’t really know all the effects she has on people,” said Cotillard after the screening at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts.

The film will premiere at ladydior.com Dec. 8, and the accompanying print campaign for the Lady Dior handbag — which features Cotillard on the London Eye — was shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Cotillard said her dalliance with Dior has been something of a fashion education. “Back two years ago when I was watching the fashion shows and people would ask me things about fashion, I would totally freak out, because I didn’t know how to talk about it,” she said. “But meeting John Galliano…has made my mind open to this world and I now really see it like really true art that makes women beautiful.”

Hello Tom,

We produce the Fashion Film Network. It is a daily digest of the best in short fashion films worldwide. It also has a weekly top 10 listing of all the short fashion films worldwide. It may be of interest to you or some of your readers.


Thank you!
Fred Sweet
Fashion Film Network

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