Sunday, December 19, 2010


Last drinks and baseball caps :

NB.These are real tweets and none of the names have been changed to protect the....guilty or innocent!

19-12-2010 (Midnight) grahamix: Just saw the luscious pouting Russell Tovey getting cash for a taxi on Tottenham Court Rd. Regrettably, it wasn't to head over to my place. Sigh.

19-12-2010 mrchrissullivan: @camdengiles @boydhilton @leo_richardson @russelltovey @dannyleewynter take me out!! Single man - reveal yourself!!!

18-12-2010 3m_ma: Why would anyone find Russel Tovey attractive? He is offensive in every sense of the word!

17-12-2010 dgmalcolm:
was just in G-A-Y bar with Russell Tovey present and now is in the Gay Hussar being served by Edna Mode...

13-12-2010 TrendsManc: Russell Tovey, @russelltovey is now trending in #Manchester

11-12-2010 nicksmith1975: spotted Russell Tovey in profile bar last night.

26-11-2010 Mini_J: OMG in a bar with Russell Tovey.

23-10-2010 tashzky: Can we discuss how unattractive Russell Tovey is? I mean, eurgh, how is he even an actor?

11-9-2010 Lauzziem: @russelltovey tut tut tut Mr Tovey, didn't anyone tell you the 'tips of twitter'? Never tweet drunk :P ANYWAY drunk enough to post a pic? ;)

6-9-2010 TrendsManc: Russell Tovey, @russelltovey is now trending in #Manchester

5-9-2010 scouserachel: News just in Twitter. Is 90s night in Crouch End. After John Lee S Club / Tovey revelations, a drunk Gareth Gates is also fraternising with locals.

13-8-2010 leeonsea:‎ @stephenfry you good person, I’d never have found Tovey without you. He, like yourself, is a legend. keep up the good work. Lee x.

13-8-2010 RobBarnsley: @russelltovey looking good Mr Tovey! Met you once outside a bar in Bristol just as hot in the flesh! Even though you did pretend you were Portuguese. x

6-6-2010 MrBoJohngles: @antonycotton that's how I had a drink with Russell Tovey. He was in the same room. So we HAD A DRINK together. ;)

23-5-2010 mattytat: Sometimes, despite Russell Tovey being in the pub, you need your sleep.

14-4-2010 anniecbe: Mark Gatiss, Russell Tovey, Dan Gillespie Sells... spotted at the Rufus Wainwright gig. That man is catnip to celebrities!

2-4-2010 Bennyboy31:‎ Spotted Matt Lucas, Russell Tovey and John of S Club 7 fame last night in town. All wearing hideously conspicuous baseball caps in bars!

4-3-2010 Jarrod_Cooper: Beginning to think that Tovey might be the last guest at the Pub for a while.

Below: Out Magazine article from Nov 2nd 2010.

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