Sunday, December 19, 2010


CenSSA - The Centre for the Study of Supernatural Activity.

CenSSA was one of the underlying plot developments of season two of Being Human. Both Kemp & Lloyd worked for CenSSA. Their directive was to track down the paranormal and remove the threat to society.

On the DVDs of season two of Being Human there is an Easter Egg of additional material for fans to unlock. To access the information and videos you load DVD disc one and let the credit page stop for a couple of minutes and the sealed section opens automatically. My favourite piece of memorabilia is George and Mitchell's house insurance claim shown below. If you persist you can also do a tour of the CenSSA facility and go inside the pressure chamber.

Season three of Being Human

is the best yet!

Dorina335: @marcuswhitney1 me!..and a million others! hope ur beginning to feel better. Just watched #misfits xmas special..v funny!

marcuswhitney1: So who's looking forward to the new series of Being Human? I think it's the best series yet.

Scott_Arthur: @marcuswhitney1 I am. X

marcuswhitney1: @Scott_Arthur really hope you are well, and can't wait to see you in it x

Scott_Arthur: @marcuswhitney1 I'm very well matey! Hope your well. I'm looking forward to seeing all your amazing prosthetics and work x

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