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A Bio hazard!


Attitude Magazine has a

not-so-nice attitude!

How do you figure that the flow chart featured in the latest issue of gay magazine “Attitude” makes older gay men feel?

One of my younger male correspondents said:

“I think that's okay. If fun-making at all, it's very gentle, good-humoured teasing. No need to pick up the phone to the lawyers just yet.”

But an older male correspondent said:

“It's not nice. It sounds like we are half-mad sex-crazed old gay guys preying on Russell when we are just friends or fans.”

The article came as a request by “Attitude” back in November 2010 - see copy below of initial email. When I sent my photo to the magazine I also sent a very long explanation as to why I started this blog after seeing Russell perform in Sydney Oz, 2006.

I am certainly not offended by the flow-chart article, in fact, far from it but I feel "Attitude" could have used more positive and proactive wording. The flow line that ends at "The History Boys" intimates that theatre people are all "old fruits" and the article also implies that I am a “techie old fruit” as my flow line descends from that box - see my Twitter Bio above - it appears “Attitude” may have missed reading it. From what I can see, the magazine tries to dispel gay stereotyping, yet this article almost reinforces it.

I have always stated Russell to me is like a son. I run this site in conjunction with 2 others with vastly different subject matter. Mr Tovey deserves better!

Another young male correspondent summed up the situation with:

“Well, it's probably some bitchy London queen typed it #sod!em. Carry on doing your thing…”

A female correspondent thought:

“…don’t really know what to say. I don’t read the magazine, so don’t know what its usual tone is. I think it’s supposed to be tongue in cheek (pardon the pun) though. I think it’s actually a wee bit of a compliment really! It plays the camp card and then talks about the social injustice of stereotypes - make of it what you will!"

Well, maybe what "Attitude" should have said in the flow-chart box above is:

"(Russell)...You are surrounded by techie fans of all ages and persuasions,"

which is not funny per-say but at least true!

Attitude Magazine 5-11-2010

Hello Tom,

We came across your Russell Tovey blog while doing some research on the actor for a small homage we are running the magazine to him. It's a (hopefully) humorous celebration of the fact lots of our readers love him.

We'd like to highlight your blog and run a small picture of you (preferably a headshot) and state that you follow his moves on twitter. Would that be something we could get from you?


Assistant Editor

Months later here is "Attitude's" (hopefully) humorous result:

(Click picture to enlarge):

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