Sunday, January 16, 2011


Trying to pull on Grabbers!

Andyetc: Being Human - Hello naked Tovey!

hiboy81: @andyetc I get it! Russell Tovey! He is staying in my hotel for 3 weeks as they are shooting the grabbers movie I haven't seen him yet

Andyetc: @hiboy81 You work in a hotel? Hidden camera in his room IMMEDIATELY.

hiboy81: @andyetc no!!!!!! He ain't that good looking

Andyetc: @hiboy81 He has a certain appeal.

hiboy81: @andyetc his ears?! I might see him Tom night!!!!

Above: Sir Russell Tovey on the set of the movie Grabbers which is currently being shot in Ireland. It won’t be in cinemas until late 2012. Russ is working with a lot of marine life on set including this crab. The premise of the movie is explained further over on the blog. Type "Grabbers" into the search facility on right hand side of this page..

Sunday times!

10am 16 Jan 2011 London

russelltovey: Another Sunday another terrible hangover x

rudehamster: @russelltovey oh dear. Get your pussy to get some Alka Seltzer for you.

Goofyfan_Chuck: @russelltovey I'll tweet quietly, then.

russelltovey: I have a fag burn on my arm... I mean... When? X

kevinpoulter: @russelltovey You mean from a cigarette? Or have you been rubbing too vigorously against a gay?

Tweeting_Love: @russelltovey people should not be burning the fag! What r we...witches?!

mrchrissullivan: “@russelltovey: I have a fag burn on my arm... I mean... When? X” how? You did dissapear for like an hour!

AlanDCReeves: @russelltovey when someone pulled you into the toilet last night lol

HannahMcKe: @russelltovey gonna miss the crack on the Grabbers set with you :( lol... hopefully I might be back. have fun though :D x

russelltovey: @HannahMcKe oh no! Don't go!!!! X

dominictc: Thanks for all the FFs. @minimarge has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. The world's looking pretty darn wonderful at the moment.

russelltovey: @dominictc :-) xxx

Sunday lunch times!

2pm 16 Jan 2011 London

russelltovey: About to tuck into roast chicken in my local cafe... Not really hangover food, but traditional Sunday fare x

mrchrissullivan @russelltovey @JaredofMo:#BeingHuman custom action figures. Nice look rusty!”

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan oooooooooo... Oh please please let them be true x

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan by the way, you are a terrible influence x ghastly

Kirch10: @russelltovey Oh my word, the look nothing like any of you!!

russelltovey: @Kirch10 still incredibly cool though right??? X

Charlie_Booth: watching him and her again! @russelltovey in it really makes the show

russelltovey: @Charlie_Booth I love you Charlie x

russelltovey: Food of the Gods

Judgementgays: @russelltovey looks a bit cabbagey to me

russelltovey: Warm Perrier water is rank

russelltovey: Can BigMacs be enjoyed as part of a gluten free diet?

Charliecondou: @russelltovey (you're too young to remember that advert aren't you?)

russelltovey: @Charliecondou yes Dad x

buckleystudios: @russelltovey I think Big Macs can be enjoyed as part of an 'anything that resembles food' free diet!

leehal: @russelltovey without the bun yes, the burgers are fine

gositinabin: I think @russelltovey is some sort of God

russelltovey: @gositinabin ha ha! X

russelltovey: So... I am going to be a lot for upcoming TerrenceHigginsTrust auction.. But what? I've said dinner with the winning bidder..? Any other ideas? X

cianelectric: @russelltovey maybe you could do dinner as a werewolf? :-)

stuism: @russelltovey if you want to make real money, offer the winner a chip shop tea, can of tizer, and a blowjob.

Sunday bloody Sunday!

4pm 16 Jan 2011 London

russelltovey: Back at the airport... Flying Easyjet with a hangover... A new kind of hell x

EmeraldCity1: @russelltovey Easyjet? Yes, you are in hell, hangover or not.

Ishbel_Haf: @russelltovey I spent 26 hours trapped in Malaga Airport next to a machine playing the Birdy Song. You are only in purgatory!

Bcgkelly: @russelltovey at least u r on the way to a FAB country, apart from the rain cold damp dark grey days but we do still have plenty of drink.

Wanderlustdoyle: Hi @russelltovey were you in the Printworks & checking out my friend the other night?

russelltovey: Nope x

Harvey__Rabbit: wonders where Mr @russelltovey is flying to?

russelltovey: @Harvey__Rabbit Tunisia x

Tom_In_Oz_: that Tunisia just near Donegal?

WanderlustDoyle: @russelltovey in that case you have a doppelgänger in Manchester. My friend is a bit obsessed, he's been on your Wikipedia page for ages ha x

russelltovey: @WanderlustDoyle he sounds amazing!! X

Tom_In_Oz_: @WanderlustDoyle Tell your friend to go here then

WanderlustDoyle: @Tom_In_Oz_ crikey you are obsessed! Ok I will pass it on

BeingHuman3: NY Times blurb @russelltovey: as played by the wonderful Russell Tovey, he’s the center of gravity of the British show

russelltovey: @BeingHuman3 oooooo nice x

Mugnapping: The Sequel

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Another fab Being Human graphic created by Jeffrey Bee at

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