Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Below: In bed with Sinead Keenan and Russell Tovey Ep.6 Season 3 Being Human.

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russelltovey: En route to hospital for the big operation... Finally having my ears pinned back... Wish me luck! X :-(

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey eeeeeeeek

phillgray: @russelltovey good luck! I like your ears.

funkywitch1982: @russelltovey didn't think u needed it but good luck lovely xxxx

jimbutterell: @russelltovey this better be a joke Mr Tovey! Big ears are great for hooking ones ankles behind ; ) xx

rae102011: @russelltovey we all believe in free will and choices - course we all secretly thought 'daft git' but we're too polite to say it :P

erinscales: @russelltovey *cough* hello?!?! I'm six million miles away on the other side of the freaking planet screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

dawnyb: @russelltovey You're perfect just the way you are! Don't ever touch your ears...except for cleaning 'em :)

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey what!!!!!!

milkshakebot: @russelltovey F*ck. was just about to ring my partner and be all: "we've got to stop him!" Totally lost an op to make a crazy dash to the uk

_Gong: @russelltovey you having your ears pinned back would be like Tina Turner having her legs cut off.


russelltovey: I'm bloody joking!!! These ears ain't going anywhere but sideways from my head...you lot "good luck?" I thought you'd all try to stop me!? X

Ingrid_wein: @russelltovey I was actually speech (twit-)less there for a minute! I love you and your talent just the way you are!!!!

jwhedonaddict: @russelltovey THANK THE LORD (that I don't believe in). You had me near-tears! ;)

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey have you thought of press studs you can clip the ears back when you need...xxx

Lori_annes: @russelltovey I'm soo glad that was a joke, albeit not a funny one. Your ears help define you, make you special and gorgeous!

kyliefansunited: @russelltovey haha.. perhaps the "good luck" messages were more like "good luck TRYING to pin those back" ha


russelltovey: I'm just having a penis reduction ;-) x

anemoneproject: @russelltovey isn't it already small enough? x

philipreel: @russelltovey Even a small reduction and you will be Ms Tovey. ;-)

picnic05: @russelltovey Uh-oh this is related to the adult circumcision question for the other day is it?

leebo: @russelltovey why would you want an "inny"? ;)

Beasty_Bates: @russelltovey they can work wonders with micro surgery these days. ;) tee hee

Joffofoz: @russelltovey nooooooooooo that will diminish the TOVEY!!

kybarsfang: @russelltovey Can it actually get any smaller? ;)

Jimbob_Q: @russelltovey Lucky you, until I can afford one I gotta keep waddling around with this third leg :)

Laica23: @russelltove don't do it, I had the reduction and they didn't take enough off!!

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey once again press studs....lol xxx

Math_Jones: @russelltovey haha typical russell tovey tweet, its 8.30, and he's talking about his penis. :D

richb2707: @russelltovey good! That thing could have someones eye out! ;) x

bandit5858: @russelltovey may I have the bit they throw away?

paddyboy75: @russelltovey yeah must really hinder your vision you knob head x

Unibhoy73: @russelltovey Well you deffo need that done, I'm still walking funny after last week :) x

owen_thornton: @Russelltovey good job i heard you had to tuck it in ur sock. How do you stop it bouncing out on the trampoline?

TomSpearman: @russelltovey don't do that without sharing what you have first

stuism: @russelltovey from what we've seen in those shorts on Him and Her, I can believe that. #bouncy

macmonkey68: @russelltovey will there be before and after photos?


russelltovey: RT @MoonFairy4: @russelltovey RT please Middle school girls created device for 3YO w/o fingers so she could write. Click & it'll be made! http://bit.ly/eiupmX


voltaires_vice: George is a bloody idiot. Russell Tovey is a crap actor. Makes me want to stop watching #beinghuman. At least the US remake has good actors


JonnySayWhat: @russelltovey Saw your article in Rolla Coaster, GREAT pic! One big werewolf woof! ;o)

russelltovey: @JonnySayWhat where can I see it? X

JonnySayWhat: @russelltovey Copies are in Selfridges, escalator points of c.atrium, work in head office, ur now a pinup ;o) x

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