Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Birthday banner 3



russelltovey: RT @wantedmynamebut: Right. 1hr 30 mins till the excellent @russelltovey is on Radio 4 in Countrysides. Be sure to listen.

MLPasterisk: @Tom_In_Oz_ Countrysides iPlayer linky for anyone who missed it :

russelltovey: RT @MeningitisFShow: @russelltovey hiya, would it be possible for you to RT for people to follow this page? selling tickets now so would really appreciate it!x

samtring: @russelltovey here is a pic of the sloth Francis drew for me :)

russelltovey: @samtring awesome!!! X

russelltovey: Another beautiful day!!! I am such a huge fan of global warming.... ;-) x

princeofstrood: @russelltovey *sprays hairspray* releasing more ozone eating chemicals

russelltovey: @princeofstrood ha ha ha :-) x

boydhilton: @russelltovey dude! I've still got a Supreme pressie for you. Must. Catch. Up. Soon. x

russelltovey: @boydhilton hot!!!!! Where are you for the Royal wedding? Loose plans x

boydhilton: @russelltovey chez moi! Let me know of loose plans. Or come over to mine if you like. Xx

WadeyWade: @boydhilton @russelltovey Later?

boydhilton: @WadeyWade @russelltovey oh yes - must study those line-ups!

WadeyWade: @boydhilton @russelltovey Adele/ R Kelly/ Metronomy next wk. Arctics/ Brian Wilson/ Warpaint/ Randy Newman wk after

russelltovey: I've left an old fridge in the garden with the door open... X

WiresL: Ack! Remove the door. In the States there are horror stories of kids getting trapped.

russelltovey: Doing my bit to keep the UK hot! X

WhoGuru: @Tom_In_Oz_ @RUSSELLTOVEY Happy Birthday Russel Tovey Blogspot!!!! WOOT!

mrjasonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ Happy early Birthday Tovey blog. May you continue to fill us with the info and the low down of mr Russell Tovey. xxx

Lionesskeeper: @russelltovey THE 28TH OF APRIL IS AN IMPORTANT LANDMARK IS 1 YEAR OLD.

RealMitchell1: @Tom_In_Oz_ happy birthday to your blog Tom! Just zipping through as busy dealing with sh*** in RL union stuff. Getting threatening letters :(

fitness39: @Tom_In_Oz_ happy birthday! X

Beth_Annie_: @Tom_In_Oz_ happy birthday to the blog! X

THEKERRYHOWARD: @russelltovey @Solemani 3 more eps to shoot then the second series of him and her is in the bag. Bring on a 3rd series! Xx

russelltovey: @THEKERRYHOWARD Kerry!!!!!! (high squeaky voice and claw hand) x

johncconnell1: @THEKERRYHOWARD @russelltovey @solemani how many episodes are in series 2?? 6 is it??

russelltovey: @johncconnell1 7 x

rudehamster: @russelltovey still no comment about Horse Meat @ the you remember being there last w/e? xxx #russelwassopissed

russelltovey: @rudehamster yes!

kylelehane: @russelltovey r u going out wth @MatthewCainC4

MatthewCainC4: @kylelehane No I'm not going out with @russelltovey - we're twins. So that would be incest.

Mavro_Arni: @Tom_In_Oz_ A super blog by a great fellow on behalf of a great fellow.

KnaveoG: @Tom_In_Oz_ One year old now so should be crawling all over the net the little baby blog. Very soon it'll be doing the weird waddling walk.

NoNoNannette30: @Tom_In_Oz_ Happy Bday to you, Happy Bday to you, Happy Bday The Tovey Blog, Happy Bday to you! ;)

FoxyLorri64: Happy 1st Birthday blog! xxxxx @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey

playm883: RT @Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Happy Birthday to the Tovey blog - one today!

JacK_da_cub: @Tom_In_Oz_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG! x

drunkkath: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey happy first birthday! you both still look so young!

depecherox: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey happy 1st birthday- ah-coochy-cooochy-coo! lol

7_Horcruxes: @Tom_In_Oz_ hey Tom, just saw through a tweet it be yer birthday, Happy birthday have a guid yin! (good one).. big birthday hugs xxx :)

Lindsey_Viner: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey happy birthday to the Tovey blog.....Stirling work pops! xxx

alidanbrooks: @Tom_In_Oz_ We share a birthday :)


JaredofMo: A 3D @RussellTovey made in FaceGen. @Tom_In_Oz_ @Kinkyclawz @Dodochicky @lionesskeeper @degnne @imjustanerd

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