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The Royal Wedding Edition 29-4-2011

Russell Tovey like all Britons is having the day off but he has chosen not to Tweet fans for the last 2 days. Of course that has not stopped people spotting him everywhere especially on the day of the Royal Wedding…and into the evening!

mc_clintock: Walked through Hyde Park on way to work. Bizarre amount of people dressed as if going to a wedding!

mc_clintock: also,@russelltovey running to see the big moment. Hope you made it.

AcerinaG: @russelltovey hey I saw you in hyde park!!! #RoyalWedding

mici991: OMG I just saw Russell Tovey in Wesminster! Allonsy Alonso! I'm such a DW dork!

JohnDesborough: @russelltovey nice to meet you!

LordBrownof: The lovely and hot @russelltovey on Old Compton Street.

russelltovey: What a throughly lovely day!! Hyde park, soho and now beverages by the river.. I love royalty x

Russell has gone off the radar but if you would like a better coverage of the Royal Wedding with more pictures please visit my sister blog for actor and soap star Charlie Condou. Charlie plays Marcus Dent on Coronation Street.



My son-in-lor

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey you missed our anniversary hun xxx Ist anniversary of the's like you don't care LOL xxx

Wyndamere: @Tom_In_Oz_ russ tovey may have missed the bday but I had a bottle of wine to celebrate your blog birthday lol

mrjasonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ I care. :) x

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrjasonlor thank you son...x You are a good boy!

mrjasonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ Indeed i am. And you are a good pappy, yes indeed. : )


In all the confusion of the Royal Wedding the Tovey Bloggers have been coping with the loss of Marcus Whitney who decided after 3 years to leave the BBC production team of TV show Being Human. This past few months has seen the departure of Aidan Turner, Barry Pilling and now Marcus. Here is a little of his Twitter correspondence:

marcuswhitney1: Ok, so here goes after 3 fantastic years it's time for me to leave the #beinghuman nest. Can honestly say it has been the best show I have

marcuswhitney1: Ever worked on, the cast and crew are just wonderful, and I will miss them all so much. It has been one of the hardest decisions I have

marcuswhitney1: Ever had to make, and I wish them all the very best of luck for series 4. As of the middle of may my new job will be head mup on #casualty

marcuswhitney1: @FoxyLorri64 going to miss #beinghuman so so much, xx

marcuswhitney1: @mybrightidea but I will still be in Cardiff setting up the new studios for casualty xx

marcuswhitney1: @Gingernut_49 thanks so much Linda xxx

marcuswhitney1: @drunkkath thanks Kath, I need a break from the filming hours xxx

marcuswhitney1: @valeriemeachum thanks Valerie , don't worry I will still be tweeting and sending pics x

marcuswhitney1: @WhiteHare108 thank you, going to miss the team bloody loads x

marcuswhitney1: @MargMolly thanks Margaret , going to miss every one so much xxx

marcuswhitney1: @MargMolly I'm off to a place called Kalkan, about an hour away from Dalaman , can't wait x

marcuswhitney1: @barrypilling aahhh cheers Barry, going to miss it flipping loads.. Need a break, craving 9 -5, and I don't mean Dolly Parton x

marcuswhitney1: @MargMolly how strange,, my favourite is the Doy Doy, a friend of mine has a villa at the Pratara Prince. This is my 6th time xx

marcuswhitney1: @KnaveoG cheers Ewan,, now it's going to be broken bones and hospitals for me

marcuswhitney1: @gugibufugi aahhh Jenna, thank you, I'm still going to be a massive fan of the show xx

marcuswhitney1: @Beth_Annie_ thanks so much Beth ,, bring on the gore x

marcuswhitney1: @angloirishgal going to be in Bristol for a few months before the move over...white ladies road here I come x

marcuswhitney1: @angloirishgal I'm next to the BBC x

marcuswhitney1: @Mavro_Arni thank you for your kind words x

marcuswhitney1: @RealMitchell1 thanks so much Susan , I'm going to miss #beinghuman so much x

marcuswhitney1: @kinkyclawz thankyou, going to miss it loads x

Confidential_CC: @marcuswhitney1 eeeeeeeeeeeepppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!! The words fail me but best of luck where u go and hope we can still follow you? Tom in Oz

marcuswhitney1: @Confidential_CC hi Tom , of course you can x

Confidential_CC: @marcuswhitney1 Tha't good. I am going to need all the help I can get as I'm not up with my UK soaps and now have a sister blog for Charlie Condou.

marcuswhitney1: @Confidential_CC cheers Tom, busy time ahead x

marcuswhitney1: At the hotel with Kate and the Middleton family, Kate's in rollers, 1/2 a bottle of brandy gone. Breakfast on its way up!

marcuswhitney1: Shouldn't be tweeting in the Abby, but it's going on a bit. Victoria Beckham just passed me a polo mint, love her! #royalwedding

marcuswhitney1: Why do I have to go in a flipping minibus! #royalwedding

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