Friday, May 13, 2011


Below: Miss Keenan doing her best to promote Being Human in Oz - well done, Sinead!

Not invited to BAFTA

SineadKeenan: @_llamaface @BAFTA Why thank you Mummy Llamaface but unfortunately I haven't been invited this year. Boo Hiss! Xxx

valeriemeachum: @SineadKeenan Whaaaaaat??? Were you too glam for them last year? @_llamaface

russelltovey: Miss Baxter and myself on route to work in the morning... Miss Baxter is my drivers buff dog x

MatthewCainC4: Interviewing Tracey Emin today about her new retrospective at Hayward Gallery in London. Which questions would you most like me to ask her?

LynnMatheson: @MatthewCainC4 How does she get inspiration? Is that too big a question?

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 how much does she love me? X

MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey I know the answer to that one already my twin. Not as much as I love you!

russelltovey: RT @Tate: ‘not aiming to reform life, but to know it’ Diane Arbus's photographs open at Tate Modern next week

boydhilton: Fish and chip lunch with @solemani and @Russelltovey. Both in delightful form. Though Russell had chicken.

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton @solemani @Russelltovey Hey guys it's past midnight in Oz are you up to a question from the Tovey bloggers?

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton @solemani @Russelltovey 1) How many seasons of the Him & Her do you think it could run for?

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton @solemani @Russelltovey 2) Why does Russell have curtain-sized knuckle duster rings?

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton @solemani @Russelltovey 3) Sarah and Russ could they see themselves being in any other shows together?

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton @solemani @Russelltovey 4) On average how long does one ep take to shoot?

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton @solemani @Russelltovey 5) The gays want more of Russ in shorts and undies do they get it this season?

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton @solemani @Russelltovey There were more questions but I figure more is less is more!

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton @solemani @Russelltovey Cheers, Tom in Oz.

boydhilton: @Tom_In_Oz_ @solemani @Russelltovey too late! Sorry!

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton @solemani @Russelltovey Well would'nt you know it!!! Blogger has had a problem and so 2 days worth of blog posts have been removed from everyone's blogs world-wide!

RoxRobin: @boydhilton hope the set visit went well!! #him & her

Solemani: I hate being bipolar it's brilliant

russelltovey: @Solemani someone's wearing a clean pair of knickers x

Solemani: @russelltovey ha ha



During the week ending Friday 13th May 2011 Blogger decided to shut down for maintenance. They closed for an hour on Wednesday 11th May and opened after a couple of hours and let their users back online to post again. Two days later Blogger abruptly shut down again…all the posts saved between Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th have been lost…not just on this blog but all blogs world-wide. There is no way of recovering them at this stage! This is why posts 1059 and 1058 are missing from the archive of this blog.


russelltovey: Every time I post a letter I feel a mini sense of achievement x

joooos1: @russelltovey Aw, so sweet!!!

russelltovey: RT @allaboutme333: @russelltovey plse could u RT am selling 'protect our NHS' t-shirts at profits to my local hospiceX

_llamaface: Question of the day: if you had a boat, what would you call it? @CoffeeandJack @barrypilling @SineadKeenan @russelltovey

russelltovey: @_llamaface Ears of the Sea x

StudioVoltaire: Our print sale continues today. Inc Spartacus Chetwynd, Matthew Higgs, Mark Titchner, Wolfgang Tillmans, Hayley Tompkins, Sterling Ruby etc

russelltovey: @StudioVoltaire what????? X

RussTov_FanSite: @russelltovey Hey Russ I own a Wolfgang Tillmans - got it in London last year...murky, messy and love it!

TrickySwagpants: @russelltovey what is your favourite song, currently?

russelltovey: @TrickySwagpants beyonce... Who run the world x

russelltovey: RT @PJT49: @CLAIREECOOPER @russelltovey @Sheridansmith1 PURE GENIUS !!

Solemani: honestly the most sublime piece of comedy 'Psychoville' is on tonight BBC2 10pm and this episode is effing brilliant x

russelltovey: @Solemani please stop swearing x


loudheadphones: @MarioPadilla haha I know, right? I keep striking out in real life... Midshipman Alonso Frame, here I come!!

MarioPadilla: @loudheadphones ok. you can take Alonso, ill take George Sands Jr. although, you have a chance seeing as Alonso is gay. George isnt. lmao.

loudheadphones: @MarioPadilla but it's okay! Russell Tovey is a 'mo! We BOTH have a chance with him!!

MarioPadilla: @loudheadphones ive been trying to get @RussellTovey's attention for so long. he probably thinks im a crazy stalker. haha.

loudheadphones: @MarioPadilla we are both insane @RussellTovey stalkers haha. I'm sure he has hundreds/thousands. One day we'll get our man! :-D

MarioPadilla: @loudheadphones i would be content with just a "hi" from @RussellTovey. just acknowledging that he has seen my crazy obsessive tweets. lol.

russelltovey: @MarioPadilla hi Mario x

MarioPadilla: @russelltovey as you've probably heard before by many, im kind of sort of slightly in love with you. :)

loudheadphones: You hear that @russelltovey? All @MarioPadilla and I want from you is a "Hi!" #UnrequitedLove

russelltovey: @loudheadphones hello Alex :-) x

loudheadphones: @russelltovey Hi Russell. :-D I hope you know you've now made my year.



BenSherman1963: RT @EntNewsUK: Some great names confirmed for the Ben Sherman VIP Plectrum party tonight - Alexa Chung, Florence Welch, Russell Tovey and more...

BenSherman1963: RT @JC_Andrews: Looking forward to @BenSherman1963 VIP tonight. Great venue, great names, great crowd. #BSXOYO

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